Pursuit of Happiness

you are the boy who wanders into hearts without knocking or wiping your feet. i am the girl who says goodbye but never really lets go. we are the aimless. the hopeless. the broken. the lost. (Description On First Page)


3. 3

"when I looked into your eyes,

and you dared to stare right back,

you should have said:

'nice to meet you,

i'm your other half.'"

"For a girl you're pretty strong.." He growled in my ear.

"I'm strong not by choice. But because I was forced to be."

"Nobody forced you to be anything sweety."

"Except you."

At that moment he ripped my shirt off and began too-


"STOP!" I screamed. I looked at my clock and saw it was only 5:00. I grunted when I realized going back to sleep wasn't an option.

I grumbled out of bed into my adjoined bathroom. One look into the mirror woke me up with how gruesome I appeared. I cranked the shower onto the highest heat and plunged myself under.

Singing in the shower is an annual ritual for me. I mean really, you don't sing in the shower because you're lying.

"Oh, let's get rich

and buy our parents

homes in the South of France.

Let's get rich and give

everybody nice sweaters

and teach them how to dance.

Oh let's get rich and

build a house on a mountain

making everybody look

like ants. From way

up there, you and I,

you and I."

I have a very unique singing voice. I really don't sing in front of people just because it's embarrassing. Some people hate my voice, and some love it. Just depends on the person.

After I had completely washed that horrible nightmare off my body I continued getting ready.

I blow dried and flat ironed my waist length hair. My hair is naturally curly in some spots, straight in others, and overall just looks like a complete mess.

I use heat on it everyday so it's not the healthiest but it works.

I don't have a lot of blemishes or acne so I leave my face as is, only applying some mascara and eyeliner.

I walk over to my closet and grabbed my white crop top shirt, coral and white floral skirt, some lace socks, and some black and white oxfords. Before I head out I grab my knit sweater jacket, and my purse.

As I'm walking down the street to Starbucks I see two men putting up a sign on a billboard. It's for the One Direction "This Is Us" movie. I've never really been a fan of them, but I don't hate them. I couldn't say I know each of their names though.

"Good morning Burgon, how are you today?" Smiled Mr. Barrett.

I've known him as long as I've lived here. He lives two houses down from my complex. One day I saw him struggling to open the latch to his gate while carrying his groceries. I of coarse offered to help. He invited me inside and our friendship blossomed. His wife died of leukemia two years before so he was living on his own. He had a daughter, but she committed suicide before she turned sixteen. He's an old man, reminds me of my dad before my mom died. And I guess I remind him of his daughter.

"Just dandy Stan. You?"

"I would be better if a certain girl named Burgon came in and massaged my feet for me." He teased.

"I would love to.. But, I don't want to."

He chuckled at that one.

"Well have fun at school! Don't fall in love while you're out there!"

"Oh I for sure won't! You do not have to worry about me!"

We said goodbye and I continued my walk to Starbucks.


'I really should get a car..' I thought to myself. I walked up to the cash register to buy my drink. I ordered the usual. I went to pay and I realized I was a dollar short.

"Miss, are you going to pay for that?"

The cashier questioned me.

"Sorry I don't have enough mon-"

Before I could finish the man behind me said,

"I got it."

"No really it's okay. You don't have too."

"Who says I didn't want to?"

"Thank you."

I gave them my name and went to sit down. I was joined at my table by the man. I couldn't really see his face, he had sunglasses and a beanie on. But he had curls. Brown curls. The most beautiful brown curls I had ever seen peeking out of a beanie kind of curls. The kind of curls that belong-

"Harry." He interrupted my thinking.


He chuckled. I immediately blushed realizing he had caught me staring.

"My names' Harry."

"Ah. My names' Burgon."

"Burgon? That's unique. I like it."

"Thank you. You look.. Really familiar, do I know you from somewhere?"

"Actually I-"

He was cut off by my name being called.

"Sorry I have to go.. See you around?"

"Oh yeah of coarse."

I got up and left. A bit disappointed. He was really cute..


I whipped around and saw Harry running after me.

"Uhm, can I , uh get your number?"

I laughed at how nervous he was.

"Of course you can." I smiled back.

"Great. I'll.. Call you sometime yeah?"

We exchanged numbers, and continued our different ways. I glanced back and saw he was looking at me too. We both turned around, blushing. And at that moment, I knew something was about to happen.

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