Pursuit of Happiness

you are the boy who wanders into hearts without knocking or wiping your feet. i am the girl who says goodbye but never really lets go. we are the aimless. the hopeless. the broken. the lost. (Description On First Page)


10. 10

"You are the boy

Who wanders into hearts

Without knocking

Or wiping your feet.

I am the girl

Who says goodbye

But never really let's go.

We are the aimless

The hopeless

The broken

The lost."

( ec )

Turning over again trying to get comfortable I realize this is hopeless.

I get out of bed and silently walk over to my closet. I change out of pajamas into a t-shirt and running shorts. Tying on my tennis shoes I creep to the door not wanting to wake Harry, who insisted on sleeping here last night on the couch.

I quietly shut the door and head down the stairs wishing I would have grabbed a jacket. It's pretty cold in London at 4:30 am. I walk a block or two down to the gym that I have desperately needed to go to but ignored the past couple of weeks.

I head inside and go straight to the locker room, putting all my stuff away before heading to the treadmill.

I run for about half an hour before getting off and heading towards the other machines.

There are only five other people in the gym, all whom are outrageously muscular.

I lift weights and do my thing for another hour and a half.

In that time a few more people had come and joined.

Definitely not going to shower here, I grab all my stuff and start walking back to my flat.

As I open the door I silently pray Harry hasn't woken up yet. Knowing him he would freak out if he found I was gone.

Looking in through the door I see he is still laying on the couch facing away from me.

I walk inside, trying my best not to make any noise. I barely make it a few steps in when Harry's voice penetrates the silence.

"Where'd you go?"

Wondering how he knew I was here, I answer,

"I went to the gym."

I look up at him as he turns around to face me. When he does I see his eyes are red and swollen, like he was.. crying.

I quickly walk over to the couch and sit down next to him.

"Harry.. It was early and I didn't want to wake you up.. I'm, I'm sorry. I dont.."

Sighing I put my face in my hands. Not wanting to look at the distraught boy in front of me.

"I was worried you left Burgon. I thought you, I thought you left me."

I looked up to meet his eyes, they're full of worry, concern, and they look almost heartbroken.

"Harry.." I quietly breath out. "I wouldn't."

He looks at me again. His eyes traveling all over my face, studying me, as I do the same to him.

He really is one of the most attractive men I have ever met in my lifetime. The way his eyes are so bright, but can carry so much heavy emotion. His nose, from the side is a bit hooked, but still beyond beautiful. His stunning red lips. The way they are shaped perfectly. I study his jawline, and his neck when he breaks the silence.


Meeting his eyes I answer,

"Yes, Harry?"

"Do you.. Do you believe, that love, do you think it could heal brokenness?"

"I think, I think everyone is broken. We spend our lives filling the cracks with whatever we can find. And for some people they find love."

"Would maybe, would love fill your cracks?"

Smiling softly, I look at my hands in my lap.

"Harry. I think, maybe it would."

He put his large hand underneath my chin and raised my head.

"Then I will heal your brokenness. I will fill your cracks. Burgon James, I will love you."


So usually I don't do authors notes but

I thought that this is a pretty important

chapter. This was very hard for me to

write. I would say this is probably the

most important chapter in the book. It

basically maps out the plot of this book.

How Harry will love Burgon, and he's

willing to give up his life to save hers.

How he so desperately wants to fix her

and heal her he's willing to do anything

it takes.

I just want to thank all my readers. I'm kind of emotional right now because of how much I am just in love with Harry in this chapter. Haha. So thank you. You truly all are blessings and mean the world to me.

It's a weird feeling loving people you never have, and probably never will meet.

To the ☾and back.

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