When Alyssa has been being watched and followed by (idk stay tuned to find out) then kidnapped, what is her next fate?


4. Colette

Alyssa's P.O.V.

I felt like screaming, weeping at the sight of another girl. Not only have they probably ruined my life, they took another innocent girl. And for what reason? What was the fucking purpose?! And why her, why ME? But yet all these feelings stayed bottled up, like all my feelings do. I just knew that someday, someday soon, I was gonna explode.

"Hi," the girl says from the top bunk, "I'm Colette," she says confidently.

"H-hi," I stutter, "I'm Alyssa."

"So, I bet you're wondering about this place."

"Y-yeah, kinda."

"Well, I still kinda am too. But I can fill you in on what I do know. It's more than any of the other girls would."


I was dazed. I couldn't believe it. OTHERS??? I hated there being ONE other, but who knows how many there actually are. How many have been stuck in this place, how many days, months, YEARS some girls have had to stay. My brain is on overdrive, I miss what Colette says.

"Yoo-hoo?? Anyone home in Alyssa-town?" Colette says.

"Yeah," I say, quietly, "what were you saying?"

"I was about to explain the stealing games," she says, like it's  painful to think about.

"The what?"


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