She's a good girl.
He doesn't know anything about good.

He's a bad boy.
She doesn't do anything bad.


3. Chapter 3

To Emma: Meet me at the park down the road from Starbucks in an hour :) -Louis

    Why should I go? This question repeats in my head as my feet carry me down the road. He's a jerk and he didn't actually ask me to go to the park.

    I found a bench to sit at and waited. Nobody came or left for an hour. Where is he? First he tells me to meet him here, then he doesn't even show up when I basically force myself to go.

    I sighed and stood to leave. As I walked further and further from the park.

    "Emma!" I heard someone yell. Him. I ignored it and kept walking.

    "Emma, wait!" he yelled again. Don't turn around Emma.

    "Please Emma! I can explain!" he was running now. I stopped and turned around.

    "What do you want, Louis?!" I snapped as he caught up, catching his breath.

    "Emma, I know I'm really late. But I have a good reason," he said.

    "Oh really?! You do?! We're you sucking faces with a girl at a stupid party?!" I yelled.

    "What? No!" he said, an unknown emotion flashing through his eyes.

    "Then, why, Louis? I knew I shouldn't have come! I thought I might just give you a chance for some strange reason," I said.

    He moved his hands behind his back, before pulling out roses and holding them out to me.

    "The line was incredibly long. But they were special roses from across the country. I wanted to get you some," he softly said. I took them from him and looked at them. They were really pretty. Now I felt bad for snapping at him.

   "Louis, I'm sorry. I was just upset and I didn't know...," I trailed off.

   "It's okay. I know the way I was at the party and texting you to meet me here, wasn't very gentlemen like so I can see why you'd think I would stand you up," he said.

   "Why are you even bothering? So many girls want you and I want nothing to do with you. So why do you keep trying?" I asked.

   "I've asked myself this, but something is different about you. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm pretty curious about it and want to figure out what it is," he replied. I nodded.

   "If you want nothing to do with me, then why did you agree to meet me here?" he asked.

    "That's a good question that I don't exactly know," I said.

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