She's a good girl.
He doesn't know anything about good.

He's a bad boy.
She doesn't do anything bad.


2. Chapter 2

I always love coffee in the morning. Since I had nothing to do this morning, I decided I would go to Starbucks. I ordered my drink and sat down, connecting my phone to the wifi. A minute later, I felt someone slide into the chair across from me.

    "What do you want?" I asked him. Why did he have to be here at the same time I was?

    "To sit with you," he said.

    "Go sit with that girl," I said, pointing to a random girl across the shop.

    "You're prettier than her," he said.

    "Well thanks, but I don't want your company," I said.

    "Well you're getting it!" he smirked.

    "I'll just leave," I said and grabbed my bag before standing.

    "Am I really that bad?" he asked.

    "No, but I don't really want to be around people like you," I said.

    "Well then I won't be like that around you," he said.

    "Why bother?" I asked. He just shrugged. I sighed and sat back down.

    "You know, for someone like you, you have sick dance moves," he said.

    "Just because I focus on school, unlike you, doesn't mean I can't dance. People like you just don't see that," I said.

    "Hm, you are really sassy, you know that? Like me, but I've never had someone snapping at me before," he said, rather amused.

    "Well don't get used to it. I'm not impressed," I said.

    "Well don't focus on me then. Tell me about you," he said, leaning back.

    "What do you want to know?" I asked.

    "Why were you at the party if you don't like them?" he asked.

    "My best friend begged me to go, and since it was her birthday the day before, I thought it would just be an extra present if I went," I explained. He nodded.

    "What don't you like about me?" he asked.

    "You don't care about school, you don't take important things seriously, you think you're better then everyone else, you don't care about people in situations that aren't as fortunate as yours, and you always have to get your way," I said. He raised his eyebrows.

   "What do you like about me?" he asked.

   "Why do you want to know all this?" I asked. We heard a phone ringing. He pulled his phone out.

   "I have to leave, sorry. Mind getting together again?" he asked.

   "What did you not understand about me not wanting to be around you?" I asked. He nodded.

   "Fine. Ugh, my phone died can I just use yours to text my friend back really fast?" he asked.

   "I guess," I said, passing over my phone. He pressed some buttons and next thing I know his phone beeps. He returned my phone with a  smirk before walking out the door. I frowned and looked down at my phone. He texted his phone with mine. Now he has my number. Lovely.

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