1. #chapter1

For my cousin Lillian

Lillian and Harry have been dating for 4 years now and what Harry doesn't know is there's another man named Louis Tomlinson🙊🙊

Lillian's POV

"Hey Harry how was your day at work??" She asked knowing that he was tired and clearly pissed off "It was fine!" He snapped and her and she jumped I little becuz Harry was never like this and it scared her "ok that's good so you know that I've been hanging with the girls a lot right?"she says "yea but I know why you where with them you found another man!! Yea you thought I didn't know well you are WRONG!!!" You know I was gonna just let it it slide cuz I know your just so damn hot and yea I know boys are gonna be all over you but..." Then she interrupted him and said "I know it was wrong and I'm sorry I know you pissed I would he to knowing that you would be with another girl I'm so sor..." Then she's cut off by he's lips smashing in to hers and he pulled away then gets down on one knee pulls out a ring and says "Lillian I love you more then words can say and I want to spend the rear of my life with you will you please make me the happiest man in the world and marry me?" "YESS A MILLON TIMES YES!!!!!!" He smiles puts the ringing her finger picks her up spins her around then kisses her ever so passionately she then pulls way and says "I love you Hazza" "I love you too. But who was the guy you kissed?" He asks and she bits her lip "it was umm... It was aaa Louis as in the Louis Tomlinson" she says he looks at her smiles and says "well at least I know he was cute" they both laughed and the spent the night cuddling and watching movies


I hope y'all liked it!! And I love and miss you cuz😁

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