The only one for me

This story is taken place after City Of Lost Souls a few weeks after the tragic breakup of Malic (Magnus and Alec).
Alexander Lightwood as been locked up in his room for weeks now without eating or socializing, the breakup tore him apart, Jace Lightwood Alec's adopted brother had been growing worried for him and decides to pay him a well needed visit but it doesn't go as planned. ||ONE SHOT contains depression, will probably write one soon from Magnus's POV. Hope you enjoy!


2. Aku Cinta Kamn

Alexander was in his dark messy room he hadn't came out for weeks now not even to eat "Aku Cinta Kamn" Alec repeated to himself falling to the ground and wrapping his arms around his legs in a hugging manner, he bite his lips sending sweet blood to spill from them, he was trying his hardest not to cry but after a while the pain from his lips and heart got a hold of him he couldn't help it he burst into tears "I miss you" he said in between sobs wishing for someone to come and just hold him the way Magnus use to

Suddenly there was a knock on Alec's door behind the knock stood a blonde boy Jace, he had been began to grow very worried over the past few weeks "Alec. you need to eat, you need to talk to me." Jace crossed his arms over his chest while he waited for Alec to answer his calls.

Alec heard Jace and try'd calming his sobs and finally after about two minutes he answered "Im fine Jace" his voice came out shaky and rusty. he debated weather to let him in or not.

Jace frowned, he heard the waver in Alec's voice, "Alec. let me in. I'm your brother and i havent seen you in a week." he held up two boxes that contained Chinese take out, "Plus, I got food?"

Alec sighed sniffling knowing that if he didn't answer the door for him he would just find anyway in, So he stood up slowly his legs wobbly as he walked to the door an unlocked it, than walking straight back to his bed without saying anything hiding in his blankets.

Part of him was glad to be able to talk to Jace but the other half didn't want his Parabatai/brother to see how wrecked he really was over it.

Jace walked over with a surprised look he didn't expect to be let in without argument he quickly shook that thought off and strode across the room taking a seat at the end of the bed, sinking slightly. "Eat." Jace demanded gently as pressed his Palm to the hump that was the hidden Alec

Alec stirred sighing loudly and getting out of the blankets, his appearance had changed a lot the past few weeks, his black raven hair had grown to the tops of hi shoulders his bangs covering his red blue eyes that were ringed around with black from not sleeping he slowly moved to lean against the bed-bard he pulled his legs up to his chest again looking at the box of food as if it were poison or something "I can't..I mean I'm not hungry"he mumbled looking down to hide he face as he ran a hand through his dark tangled hair

Jace sighed, "You haven't eaten in a weeks.." Jace pointed out, "You are going to drop dead if you dont eat something soon, five days to be exact." he pushed the box toward him gently with a fork already in it.

Alexander shook his head almost gagging from the smell, huh dying was a good option even if it did take 5 days.

Jace saw the look in his eyes that suggested that Alec would weather die than eat food that made his heart break "Alec please..I understand your upset and you have the right to be but..Magnus was just one person there are others out there waiting to fall in love with you, You need to get your strength up to be able to meet them eat" he said stubbornly he would not lost his last brother because of a stupid warlock.

Alec looked at him a flicker of anger at his words Magnus was not

Just anyone he was the one Alec loved.."I don't want anyone else"

He took a deep breath it was true he loved no one else would never love anyone else..."Jace please I'm sorry I can't..just I need more time..leave the food..I'll try to eat" he said his voice breaking into parts he didn't want to see Jace anymore didn't want to be social at all.

Jace made a face not wanting to leave him alone but also didn't want Alec to get upset with him so he simply nodded putting the food he had brought on the side table and standing up in silence making his way back to the door before he walked out he glance behind him "don't do anything stupid..please" and with that he walked out shutting the door behind him.

As the door shut Alec watched and Burst into tears again they ran down his face like waves.

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