Finding You

We played hide and seek in the woods. I was the seeker and she was the hider. She would wait for me until I found her, but the wrong seeker found her first. An ordinary game started turning strange, strange soon became terrifying. There was nothing I could do about it. There was nothing I could do to save her. She was gone.

Joe witnessed his sister, Zoella, getting dragged away into a mysterious van. He witnessed the vehicle drive away; he witnessed his sister go. Ever since that day, Joe hadn’t had a single peaceful night. He wanted his sister back; he wanted Zoella back.

Joe soon notices a familiar face of the new girl in school, Evangeline. As Joe gets closer to her, he starts to realise something odd. Her past doesn’t add up and Joe is worried it might have something to do with his missing sister Zoella.
Will he discover the truth before its too late, or will he risk losing for a second time?

~ For the Salvage Competition ~


1. Prologue

“Joe!” I heard her cry. “Joe, help me!” with every word she spoke her frightened voice became more distant. I followed her cries and yells, but every time I thought I was close, her voice would come from elsewhere. I ran and ran, pushing past branches and jumping over tree roots. My heart pounded against my chest as I continued to call her name. "Zoella!" I roared.

It was just a normal game of hide and seek, well at least I thought it was normal. Until it started turning strange when I couldn't find her soon enough. Soon strange turned terrifying, when she started crying for help. It was like a dream turning into a nightmare. Each second that passed I began to lose hope of finding her.

“Zoella!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. My breathing became shallow; however I didn’t stop. I needed to find her. My sister was in trouble. “Zoella! I’m coming!” I yelled, as I almost tripped over a rock. I managed to steady myself, just before she wailed again.

“Joe help! They’re taking me!” My heart sank. Her voice was a lot nearer now. The words she spoke terrified me even more. Someone was taking her; someone I didn't know. I was on the other side of the woods; the part where it met a bare narrow road. I pushed past a few more trees and was on the road clearing. “Joe!”

I spun my head around towards the sound of her voice and saw my sister in the distance. My legs didn’t need a command; they automatically started running towards her. As I neared, I noticed two men dressed in black holding onto my Zoella’s forearms. She was struggling against them trying to get them off her. She kicked her legs and thrashed about but they held her tighter and she cried out in pain. They stood near a black van, forcing her inside an open door. My eyes widened at the realisation. I forced my self to run faster.

“No!” I cried, reaching out towards her. I was close, so close, but not close enough. The two men managed to throw her inside the vehicle and before I could do anything they drove off. However, I didn’t give up. I kept running. I ran after the vehicle; I ran after my sister. I lifted up whatever I could find off the road, I threw it at the van. It was not good enough.

“Zoella!” I cried tears running down my cheeks, as my knees hit the gravel ground. My clenched fists were by my sides, my nails digging in my palms. I looked in the direction my sister was taken away from me. She was no longer there. “Zoella.” I yelled once more, but it was no use. She was already gone.

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