Finding You

We played hide and seek in the woods. I was the seeker and she was the hider. She would wait for me until I found her, but the wrong seeker found her first. An ordinary game started turning strange, strange soon became terrifying. There was nothing I could do about it. There was nothing I could do to save her. She was gone.

Joe witnessed his sister, Zoella, getting dragged away into a mysterious van. He witnessed the vehicle drive away; he witnessed his sister go. Ever since that day, Joe hadn’t had a single peaceful night. He wanted his sister back; he wanted Zoella back.

Joe soon notices a familiar face of the new girl in school, Evangeline. As Joe gets closer to her, he starts to realise something odd. Her past doesn’t add up and Joe is worried it might have something to do with his missing sister Zoella.
Will he discover the truth before its too late, or will he risk losing for a second time?

~ For the Salvage Competition ~


3. Chapter Two

“I am not Zoella! I'm Evangeline! Please never do that again.” She said trying to straighten out her clothes. “Listen, you might have just broken up with your girlfriend and think that I’m a ‘Zoella’, but…” she started, but I cut her off.

“Zoella wasn’t my girlfriend. She was my sister.” I pulled my gaze to the floor and stared at my shoes.

The girl next to me –Evangeline– stopped shuffling and stayed still. “Oh.” She whispered as she too stared at her shoes.

“She went missing seven years ago.” I said. I didn’t know why I was saying it to her. I’d never met her before, even though she looked so familiar, she made clear she wasn’t who I thought she was. So why was I telling her a painful memory?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I …” once again she started to speak, but I continued with the words that were pouring out of my mouth.

“She looks exactly like you.” I lifted my gaze to look at Evangeline. It was true, she resembles my sister perfectly, the eyes, the nose the lips. Everything about her was just like my sister. I felt her shuffle next to me. “She was exactly like you the last time I saw her.” I said.

“Oh.” She said once again. The awkward silence had settled upon us. We both stayed like that for a few minutes, the clock seemed to slow and it was still early for others to start coming in. It wasn’t long before the silence was soon broken by Evangeline.

“How did she go m-missing?” she asked softly, scooting closer towards me. I have never been sitting that close to another human being since ages. It felt like an odd thing to me now, never the less I stayed in my seat and ignored her closeness. Her perfume wafted up to my nose. Cherry Blossom Fizz; the exact kind Of scent that Zoella loves.

I sighed inwardly, before I explained the whole story of how I lost my sister in the woods. “It was seven years ago in the woods. Myself and my sister – Zoella – decided to act a bit immature and play a game called hide and seek. She never loved seeking so she decided to run ahead and hide so I didn’t get a chance.” I chucked to myself at the memories. She would always moan and wail just so she didn’t have to be the seeker and count all the way to ten.

“I was always afraid of the game hide and seek. I don’t know why, I just was.” Evangeline said absentmindedly. I looked towards her weirdly. No one had ever said that when I started to explain what happened. Evangeline wasn’t sitting or looking in my direction. Her gaze was fixed in front of her. She wasn’t even blinking.

I shook my head and decided to carry on. “Zoella ran off to hide and left me there to count. As soon as I said ten, I went to look for her. Usually I found her straight away. Let’s just say she wasn’t all that good at hiding, but this time was different. No matter how hard I looked I couldn’t find her anywhere. Not even a sign of her.” I gulped letting myself take a breath. With every word I spoke, my mind acted out a flash back of what happened.

“I called her name so many times, no reply came and no giggle. She usually giggled in hide and seek, that’s what gave her away.” I smiled to myself remembering her giggle ringing in my ears. My smile vanished as soon as I started talking about what had happened next. “Suddenly, I heard her call my name. Her voice seemed panicked and terrified. From then I knew something was wrong. I knew she was in trouble. It was at this point I started running towards her voice. As many times as she called me, asking me to save her, I called back to her telling her I was coming. But I never came in time…” I trailed of as my voice broke and I could sense tears prickling in my eyes.

Abruptly, I felt a warm hand place on my shoulder. I looked towards Evangeline through my blurry eyes. “You finally found her, but couldn’t save her. She was being taken away from you. She struggled against them; you ran towards her but never made it in time. They took her away in a van and never saw her again.” She said.

I looked at her astonished. How did she know what happened? How can she say it like she felt it? It was odd. I don’t remember seeing another face in the picture. It was just those two tall dark men, my sister and I. She proclaimed that her name was Evangeline, yet she seemed to know what happened. Yet she looked exactly like my sister. Was she lying to me?

“How did you…?” I attempted to ask her, but she shook her head and smiled sadly at me. He eyes rested on mine.

“Sorry. I have these moments where I am dragged into theses deep thoughts and I say stupid stuff. Please don’t take any notice of it.” She said standing up, taking her warm hand of my shoulder. I blinked at her in surprise.

“Look, I'm sorry about your sister and that I remind you of her. But it was nice meeting you… er, sorry what is your name?” she asked, talking as if what she said about the accident was just a coincidence.

“Joe.” I mumbled, still gaping at her in surprise.

Evangeline started walking out of the hall and stopped to face me one last time. “Joe. I like that name, I think I knew someone called Joe, but I can’t remember. Anyway, it was nice meeting you Joe. See you around.” And with that she walked out leaving me in the hall. As soon as she left a few other students came piling in, but I still gaped at the door she vanished through.

Things weren’t adding up. No one had ever responded like that to the story of how my sister ended up missing. No one apart from her. She looked like my sister, she knew what happened. Was it just a weird coincidence, or did she have something to do with the event where my sister went missing? I wanted answers and I wanted them now. Was Evangeline really Zoella? Or was she just merely a look a like?

I was about to get up and follow her out of the hall when a bell went and the professor walked in. The hall was now full of chatting students and the professors eyes landed on me. Looks like I wouldn’t be getting out of the hall anytime soon. 

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