Katelyn Perrish

" I'm Katelyn Perrish. This is my first year at Hogwarts and I'm super scared! I've heard all about the wonders that take place behind the castle doors and can't wait to be there!"

This is my first draft of my first book!!! ��


1. run-ins and ruins

I pushed past the bustling crowd all trying to be the first aboard the train... The train that would take me to my first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Just like all the other first years, I was bursting with excitement and could barely pay attention to my mother as she shouted last minute bits of information before I too was swept up onto the train.

"Be good Celeste!"

"I will mom!"

But my reply was lost in the noise of the crowd.


I made my toward the back of the train, and collapsed in the seat of the first empty compartment I could find. Once there, I struggled to reach the luggage storage above, but was much too short to reach it. I heard muffled chuckling, and turned to see a boy who couldn't have been but a year or two older than me, watching my struggle. With a huff, I let the bag fall to the ground.

"Are you going to stand there, or help me?!"

I cried.

"Oh I suppose I'll help"

He said with a languid sigh.

I watched as he hefted my bag into its slot above my head. I couldn't help but notice how his muscles rippled beneath his shirt. I found myself blushing as I thanked him. He gave me a goofy half-grin and bowed, saying,

" it was a pleasure my lady"

I giggled and curtsied back. As he stood from his bow, he bumped his head on the luggage shelf causing it, and the luggage, to tumble down onto the both of us. He was cursing and rubbing his head and looking around at the spilled contents of my bag, when he noticed that I was on the ground also rubbing my head.

"Oh here," he said, scrambling to help my up.

He noticed that I was rubbing my head and tenderly touched that spot asking,

"Did you hit your head?"

Unable to speak I shook my head.

"JASON!!!" A scream came from a few compartments away.

"That'd be my girlfriend"he said sheepishly

"Oh!" I said. "Well...erm.. You should probably head back then."

"Yeah. Well bye"

I sighed as he walked always and began to pick up my things.

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