Its Eating Me Alive.

When Claire becomes very ill, she doesn't want to start anything she can't finish. She only has her bestfriend Kelsey. She won't let anyone in. She keeps a promise to herself that no one will. get close to her, because she doesn't know when her last day is.
What happens when she meets Harry Styles? He makes her feel special. She knows she can't let him get close. He tries his hardest to try to convince her. Will he try hard enough?


2. The Real Truth.

Kelsey's POV

I don't really know what happened to Claire, but I'm very worried. Maybe it's just the stomach bug I really hope it's nothing serious. I changed out of my modeling clothes and put on my regular clothes. Haley and I was going to go to the hospital to check on Claire. Thoughts kept on coming in my mind. 'What if she's dying? What if something wrong with her?' I shook my head to get these thoughts out of my mind. I don't think I could live without Claire. When I first became a model I was having a tough time finding friends that really cared about me. Every time I would think someone was my friend they would stab me in the back. I felt like I would never find anyone. Then a new girl, Claire became a model. Since she was just starting out she didn't have anyone either so we became close. Then bestfriends. 'Kelsey! We're here get out of the car!' I quickly jumped out of my thoughts and out the car. We asked the lady at the desk what room Claire was in 'Room 34, Room 34.' I kept whispering to myself. When we walked into Claire's room I saw her crying..


Claire's POV

I blinked my eyes gosh my head hurt. Where am I? It looks as if I'm in the hospital. Then memories flooded back to me. I felt sick then I collapsed. I guess I must have hit my head or something because man, my head really hurt. I still felt a little dizzy. A older looking man came into the room and I guess he was my doctor. I looked at his name tag 'Dr. Gray' He looked like he was kind of worried. Why would he be worried? Was there something wrong? I slowly sat up and crossed my legs. He sat on the end of the bed and looked down at his clipboard. I sat there kind of anxious about what he would say. He looked up at me as if he felt sorry. He looked me in the eyes and slowly started to speak 'Miss Claire. I'm so sorry to inform you that all of this unexpected pain and dizziness is happening because...You have cancer. I felt tears brim the edge of my eyes. What? I stared up at him and he just nodded and stood up and walked out of the room. I felt myself go numb. I started bawling. I couldn't control it anymore. I have cancer. I have cancer. I kept sobbing to myself. The door started creaking up. I seen Kelsey's face peek into the room. Her smiled faded away quick when she saw me crying. She embraced me in a hug. She kept talking but I didn't focus on her and kept on crying. I still couldn't get over the fact that I had cancer. My hair is going to be gone completely. How was I going to model anymore? My parents flashed in my mind how was I going to tell them? Tell them I couldn't support them anymore. Or even that I had cancer? I started crying harder.

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