Aldrin's Cover Gallery

What used to be the crown jewel and centre piece of my profile on Movellas, "Secret's Cover Store" is now just my gallery. Take a look around at my work, but I shall not be making covers for people any time soon, so if you ask of such, I'm afraid I will have to decline. - Aldrin


17. Covers for "Unveiled"

~ Covers for "Unveiled" by S.G. Sunsuhan ~

Now as I made these covers, I noticed a theme. See if you can spot it.


So first is nice and chilled, lax.
In fact... looks a lot like the cover for my book "The Far Side". Hm...


Miserable. Broken. Distressed...


And here is the last. She looks on the brink... the brink of insanity.

I hope you like your covers. And never be too afraid to say "I don't like them, can you make some other ones please?" because I'd be more than happy to make some more for you. It is no trouble.
See the theme? They got more... unhinged as the covers went on. You can decide which one you'd like. After all, they are your covers.

Have a marvelous day
- Secrets Unfold


Now I apologize for the inconvenience, but it's all fixed now.
Here is your new cover!


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