Aldrin's Cover Gallery

What used to be the crown jewel and centre piece of my profile on Movellas, "Secret's Cover Store" is now just my gallery. Take a look around at my work, but I shall not be making covers for people any time soon, so if you ask of such, I'm afraid I will have to decline. - Aldrin


37. Covers for "Girl with the Demon's Heart"

~ Covers for "Girl with the Demon's Heart" by
Crown of Shadownight ~

Well, I certainly had a warm welcome back from you Crown.

*brrr!* Doesn't she give you the chills?

Now I took your idea of a sort of magic... But this picture is such bad quality! RRR! I am sorry for this...

Ahhh... I'm getting those chills again! *Brrr!!*

Oh, the rose. So delicate, yet vicious with its dagger like thorns.

There you are Crown! Just like the good old days way back when! I hope you like your covers, I certainly enjoyed making them!
But any problems, tell me. I'm positive I can fix them.

Have a marvelous day
- Secrets Unfold


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