The love stories told at a Potter-Weasley reunion

At a Potter and Weasley family gathering, Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Harry tell the stories of the relationships to their children.


2. The Story of Year 1

When everyone was settled into the house and had returned luggage to their respective bedrooms, the girls meet up at the kitchen table to continue the conversation.  While Hermione was preparing so hot cocoa and sandwiches, Ron came into the room and said: "So, what have you ladies been talking about?" Smiling his wife replied: "You know just girl stuff." In mock disgust and horror Ron made a face and said: "Oh , well if that is case then the boys and I are going to go out back and play some Quidditch. Did you buy anymore apples?" "Yes they are in the basket  like always,  Ron." Turning to the basket he grapped several apples,  kissed his wife on the cheek and exited to the back garden.  Feigning relief, Hermione turned to the table of girls and said: "I thought he would never leave.;"

"So where were we...yes so I had just met the love of my life of a train. For a while I was too excited about finally being at the school I had read so much about to care about such trival things. I started to realize that I was totally different from the other girls in my dormitory, like Lavender Brown and Pavarti Patil. They were so obsessed with girly things. So, I tried to make Ron and Harry my friends. But at that time they were too imature and like eleven year old boys to care about me. But then a very close encounter with Filch when Draco Malfoy attempted to get Harry into trouble by scheduling a midnight duel, a run in which Fluffy the three headed dog, and the fact that  I was able to hide us in the first place from Filch by unlocking the door lead to them warming up to me. Then a couple of days later, I told Ron that he was incorrectly saying the incantation wingradium leviosa and he became highly offended and said things that made me cry. Of course I could not let them see me in tears so I hid in the bathroom. And oddly to my advantage a giant troll game bursting into the bathroom. I thought I was going to die for sure. But then you fathers came in to save the day. Ron was so brave and he was clever enough to stop the troll by hitting it with its own club. I knew the best way to get us out of that situation was to take the blame. It worked and ever since that day Harry, Ron and I had been inseparable as friends. Ron and I supported Harry as he played Quidditch together, he taught me how to play wizards chess and we visited Hagrid and did homework together. Our friendship was growing as easily as breathing and for a few years i was okay with that pace. At the end of of our first year Harry, Ron and I went through a series of challenges to find the Philosophers Stone. I am sure you have heard the story a thousand times from your father about how he defeated the bewitched chess pieces, but I don't think you have heard it from my side. We had jusy survived the winged keys while on broomsticks and we entered the room with the chess board. I could see the determination mingled with a light fear on his face. He commanded that t board like he owned it. It was one of the most impressive things i have ever scene. Then Ron came up with his sacrifice play I didn't understand at first, but when I did I could pictureRon being flung from his horse secounds before it happened but I could not do anything. Had it not been for the necessity of getting Harry through he remaining challenges I would have immediately ran to him. So I figured out the logic potion as fast as I could and as much as it also hurt, I had to let Harry face the man who we thought was Snape on his own. Running back to Ron, I could see his laying still on the ground, debris and shatters of chess knights around him. After what felt like hours I finally mangaged to awaken him, I could have kissed him I was so happy. The next few days were a blur and also in slow motion. In the beginning both Harry and Ron were in the hospital. Madam Pomfrey insited on us resting. Ron and I spent alot of time trying to solve through the rumors that had spred like wildfire as to what had happened after I left Harry. 

 Finally he woke up and shortly after that school was ending, but first there was the House Cup Ceremony. We in Gryffingdor had thought we lost terribly.  But Dumbledor gave us and Neville enough extra points to win. I could tell as soon as Ron got 50 points, for his magnificent chess match that he was going to make it so we won. When I also recieved 50points for my challenge,  Ron was smiling me  and Harry was clapping me on the back it was truely on of my proudest the year ended with a bang, but I would have to wait 2 months until I could see my best friends again."

"That was way crazier than my first year Mom. And you guys broke so many rules, but at the same time also saved everyone. was it always like that?" Said Rose.

"Believe me it only gets crazier over the years." Chuckled Hermione.

"Hey aunt Hermione, were you and my dad ever a thing, or even almost a thing? I always wondered..." confessed a unblushing Lily.

"Ummm...well..." said Hermione. 














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