The love stories told at a Potter-Weasley reunion

At a Potter and Weasley family gathering, Hermione, Ginny, Ron and Harry tell the stories of the relationships to their children.


1. In the Beginning...

It all started on a warm summers night.  It was the first day that James,  Albus, and Rose were home from Hogwarts for the summer. They, Harry, Ginny,  Lily,  James,  Albus, Hermione, Ron, Rose, Hugo, all of the other Weasleys and their wives and children, had come to celebrate the start of a summer that promised to be a great one. There was Mrs. Weasly's extravagant food, a ginormous cake, and George displayed his best fireworks to the delite of everyone with the help of his teenage son Fred. Finally when everyone was going home. The Potters were staying at the home of Ron and Hermione for the night before returning to there house in London which was close to the Ministry were Harry worked. To be fun all the girls traveled in Hermione's car and the boys went with Harry. As they are driving in comfortable silence, Rose suddenly asked: "Mom, how did you and Daddy fall in love?" Hermione chuckled and then replied: "That is a long story are you sure you are up to it?" "Yes, I have never actually heard the whole thing before.  But then I want to hear aunt Ginny's story too." Ginny and Hermione laughed from the front seat. "Okay, but you are going to have to ask your father and uncle about some parts of the story too," said Ginny. "Alright, so where did it all begin?" Asked Rose.

"So, as you know I met you father, Ronald, on the Hogwarts Express my very first day at school. I was helping my future good friend Neville find his lost toad Trevor. I entered the comparment that he was sitting in with his soon to be best friend, Harry Potter. I immediately realized that Ron was attempting to do magic apon his large rat. The spell was a dud and accomplished nothing, and between that and the dirt on his nose Ron looked completely ridiculous. I of course formed feelings that would slowly develop into my love for your father." 

"Wow", mutterd Rose.

Lily spoke next and said: "Mum didn't you also meet Dad that day?"

"Yes, I saw him while he was making his first journey until Platform 9 and 3/4. He looked so lost and deshevled Iin his overly large clothes and messy black hair. Then when he turned to ask my mother how to get to the train and I looked into his bright green eyes I was lost forever.  Of course then Harry boarded the train and I did not see him for almost a year. But I often dreamed of those eyes. Oh we are at the house, lets continue this there with some hot cocoa shall we ladies?" 

They all giggled and entered Ron and Hermione's house soon followed by the boys.



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