Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


14. What Can I Do

Chapter 14: What Can I Do?

December 4, Day 12, 10:13 A.M.


And I'd give up forever to touch you

'Cause I know that you feel me somehow

You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be

And I don't wanna go home right now


I sat on the bed. My knuckles felt a little sore, from punching Harry’s jaw. Ow. I pressed the knuckles into the bed, as I fell backwards onto the not-very-comfy bed. I ignored the pain coming from the knuckles pressed against the bedspread.

Niall walked into the room, probably to see what was up with my little out burst. 

“Hey,” I greeted the Irish fellow.

“What was that?” He sounded a little excited, because he saw what I could do. 

“He called me mediocre. No one calls me mediocre. Especially not some snobby pop star.” I shrugged. 

“He’s not that bad...,” he tried to reason. I snorted. 

“He’s like Satan in living flesh.” I giggled a bit at my comparison. It was the harsh truth, though. “He’s from Hell. Hell I tell you.”

“Once you get to know him, he’s not the ‘player of the year’ like all the magazines say. He’s quite nice as a matter of factly.”

“Who say’s ‘matter of factly’?” I chuckled, my nose scrunching up when I smiled.

“I do.” He put his arms on his hips, and turned his face to profile. He did the Superman pose.  He grabbed my arm, and started dragging my out into the kitchenette to face Harry. “C’mon Eleanor—”

“Ellie.” I scolded him.

“Ellie. C’mon, go apologize to Harry, you hit him pretty hard. Nice hit by the way.”

“I don’t feel regret for what I did. He called me mediocre, and no one calls me mediocre to my face. Plus, he just did that to provoke me.” I folded my arms over my chest, so he couldn’t pull me any farther. 

“Ellie,” he whined. “Come on! At least go back out there.”

“Fine, only because I never got my eggs, due to someone hugging me, and ‘technically’ burning my eggs.” Niall shrugged, his bulky arms going slightly above his head. 

“Sorry,” he whispered. I waved him off. He grabbed ahold of my arm again and started dragging me into the kitchenette other wise known as my death penalty from Harry. 

Before he could drag me in there, I said, “actually, I need to take a shower. Sorry.”

“You’re not getting out of this that easily.” He said not looking back at me.

I cursed under my breath. “Why do I have to apologize, again?” I tried to stall him. 

“Because you punched Harry in the jaw!” He said like it was obvious. It was, but I didn’t want to do it.  He dragged me even more, and had a firmer grip on my arm. 

We got into the kitchenette, Harry stood there with an ice pack on his jaw. I felt a little guilty, but not that much. 

“Hey,” I greeted him.

“What do you want? To punch the other side of my jaw?” He snarled.

“No,” I looked at Niall, he looked at me expectantly. “I wanted to say I’m sorry. I got carried away.” 

“Yeah you did.” Harry agreed. Niall looked at me like he wanted me to say more.

“And, I’m very sorry. What can I do to make it up to you?” I asked, my voice sounded weak. 

Harry got a mischievous grin. Oh, shit. “As long as it doesn’t include something sexual, or make me undress, of anything that involves me touching you.” I quickly added. 

“Well, then let me think,” so what he had thought had to do with me taking off my clothes. “You have to hang out with me for a day.” Well, that’s worse than having to take off my clothes. 

“I have to spend a day with a jerk? Well, it won’t be the first time. I mean, we did go on that quote-on-quote ‘date’,” I said, my eyes rolling. 

“I am not a jerk!” He hit my arm. 

“You just hit me, and you’re saying your not a jerk? Wow, that’s a new low,” a smirk spread across my face like wildfire. He pulled his arm into his chest, a wounded expression plastered his face. “But, I did say that I would do what ever you wanted, so lemme’ get dressed, then we can go.” I turned on my heel to the back of the bus. 

“Oh, and wear something warm!” Harry called out to me. No, I thought I would wear shorts and a tank-top in the like New York winter weather. I would get hypothermia. 

I searched my duffle for anything to wear. I found a pair of dark pants as well as an obsidian colored shirt with little white ovals on the front. I pulled that all on with a leather jacket and onyx ankle boots. 

When I walked out I heard a cat-call come from one of the boys. 

“Lookin’ nice there Ellie,” Louis whistled.

“Shut-up,” I grumbled.

“Well, you obviously went through trouble trying to get that all together, so I’m giving you a response,” Louis tried to make clear.

“Actually it was just in my duffle,” I smirked at his defeated expression. “Harry are you ready?” I asked the boy wearing a denim shirt. 

“Yeah just let me get my coat, and beanie.” He popped up from the couch to go grab those things. 

“So...,” I tried to make small talk.

“So...,” they replied.

“What’s up?” My mouth way pressed into a line, while I rocked back and forth on my heels.

“Alright let’s go.” Harry saved me from embarrassing myself in front of these boys. I’m sure later on in the tour something like that would happen. I mean it has with Olli way too many times....

Me and Harry walked out of the squeaky door.

“Later losers!” I called back at the boys. 

"We love you too!" They called back.

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