Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


6. Unwanted Makeup At The Wrong Times

Chapter 6: Unwanted Make-up At The Wrong Times

November 30, Day 7, 6:13 A.M.


Where somebody waits for me,

Sugar is sweet, so is she,

Bye, bye, blackbird.


I rolled on my back as I heard a—quite loud—knock on the door, which the landlord had replaced at least three times, from various reasons. Ranging from when Olli knocked down the door, when I wasn’t coming out from my apartment except when I needed to buy more milk, to when Olli and I were painting the door and it may have come off it’s hinges. 


I groaned, and felt that I actually should go answer the door. Last night I had been up all night packing for today. I swing open the door, not being careful of the hinges.


“What.” I snarled, opening only one eye to see a figure standing in front of me.


“Hiiiiiiiii!” Olli sing-songed. How she was so... so... chirpy in the morning. In the morning, I just wanted to murder whomever came within my vision. She just let herself in the building. 


“Well, come on in.” I said in a sarcastic tone. 


“I just wanted to make sure you packed everything for your trip with your ‘boyfriend’.” She put air marks around the word boyfriendBoyfriend. Was he really there now? We barely knew each other. We basically were forced to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” just because Harry was too careless to do anything about his reputation, that he killed. Now, I was left to clean up his mess. 


“I already did. I packed all my stuff last night. You can go now. I want to sleep.” I started to push Olli out the door. “Bye-bye.” She dug her heels into the ground, making it harder to move her. 


“Not so fast,” she pushed the palm of her hand against my forehead, using her height against me. While I was 5’ 7” she towered against me with 6’ 8”. She shut the door behind her, so that I couldn’t push her out the door. “C’mon, we have some work to do on you. You ain’t goin’ out like this!” She faked a country accent.


“It’s six—” I checked my clock. “Twenty-six. That is too early to be even thinking about getting dressed. This is an ungodly hour. Let me sleep!” I whined. 


“No! It is just as good a time to be dressed than ever.” She tried to justify, as she pulled me into the bathroom.


She sat me in a chair—the kitchen chair. The one I ate on. If she got any bronzer on my table, I would seriously kill that chick. Okay, maybe not kill, but damage. Olli liked make-up too much, but she knew what was too much and what was too little. 


About an hour later, with one last swipe of a brush she was done. She pretty much had yelled “DONE” so loud, I’m sure people in Russia heard her. When I had shushed her, she had just rolled her eyes and yelled it even louder. In return, they just banged on walls and yelled to “shut up, ya’ no good losers!” We kinda yelled at them to tell them they were “bitches, who need to shut their yappers.” That’s pretty much what the whole consisted of. Us yelling at the neighbors. Them bitching back. That and curling my dirty-blonde hair. 


Just as we had yelled back at them, telling them that they were “annoying morons who never went to college, so your yelling at a bunch of teenagers”, we heard a knock at the door. It was probably either the neighbors, or the landlord telling us to knock it off.


“Ugh.” I sighed as I opened the doors. Five boys landed on top of me, in my sweater and sweatpants. Usually I wouldn’t wear this, but I felt that it was the day I needed to. “Is it really time to go?” I asked the boys who were crushing my body.


“Yes.” They all chorused in different spots at different times—like popcorn. I would call them that now. Popcorn Boys. It has a nice ring to it.


“Crap,” I muttered. I would miss Olli. She was my rock, my savior. She helped me through tough times, that is until I auditioned for RENT a few years ago, and she was the one I talked to, to get my butterflies out of my tummy, we laughed and giggled at jokes each other made. Whether they were incredibly stupid, or hilarious. 


I ran over to Olli and she had a smug look on her face. When I gave her a nice hug, with my head stuffed into her neck. Her blonde hair smelled like cheese, one of the most original smells I must say. Just as I was going to pull away, she whispered in my ear: “Act like you’ve known him forever, and you will become a legend Eleanor Flora Dennis.”


And so that was the motive, that led me to this. My life as a legend, whom teen girls adore.

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