Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


3. The Whole Damn Jungle

Chapter 3: The Whole Damn Jungle

November 24, Day 1, 11:49 P.M.


I can feel her breath as she's sleepin' next to me,

Sharing pillows and cold feet.

She can feel my heart, fell asleep to it's beat,

Under blankets and warm sheets.


I smiled at Olive, as I took another Jello shot from the bucket of the many Jello shots. It was currently 11:49 P.M., everyone of the cast and crew was over at Vic’s house in Hoboken, New Jersey. So far, the boys of One Direction have showed up, and every one of them has gotten drunk. It took a while to get Niall drunk, though. The Irish and their beer. I can handle my alcohol  pretty well, this was my seventh Jello shot. 


“You know you guys look like these guys I saw at my show where I’m a total bitch?” Olivia slurred to the foreign boys. I heard a meager chortle flow from her throat. I just laughed at her stupidity. The girl just looked at me in confusion. This however, just made me laugh louder.


“Damn girl, you are drunk!” I told her, exaggerating the word drunk. 

Jello shot after Jello shot, I finally got drunk. The clock said 2:34. I was so gonna regret this later.


My finger poked Harry’s left dimple, and I just chuckled at the contact. I poked it over and over again. Finally he grabbed my pointer finger and instead of a butterfly in my stomach, it was like the whole jungle was in there. 


“Please, stop touching my dimple.” He whispered into my ear. His breath smelled of Brooklyn Lager. To any one it would seem like we were a drunk couple whispering sweet nothings to each other.


“No.” I whispered back, and poked his dimple one more time. 


I felt woozy, closed my eye’s for a quick moment when I fell into a deep, dark sleep. 


November 25, Day 2, 11:26 A.M


I woke up in a strange bed, my head palpitating with much agony. The sunlight was exposed through a small window, it was so damn bright. Jesus, did it have to be that bright?


I looked at the bed, ivory white sheets covered the big bed. The one thing I noticed more, though, was a huge lump in the sheets. Crap, what happened last night? Did we get ‘freaky in the sheets’? I lifted the thin, sheet to see that I was fully covered. Thank God. My skirt was shifted around my legs making it kind of uncomfortable to move. 


I swung my legs over the bed, swiftly, trying not to wake the person next to me. Then began my search for some Advil.

My feet creaked across the small room’s floorboard. The lump made a big breath, I really hope they didn’t wake up. It could be Olivia for all I know.


The place didn’t look like Olli’s, but you never know. As I stumbled into the bathroom, I definitely knew it wasn’t her home. It looked like a... hotel room? 


I brought the Advil into the odd little counter with two clear glasses. I quickly filled the two glasses with water from the counter’s sink. Tiny little bubbles popped as I shut the tap off. I pressed the lower part of my palm to the alabaster bottle, that had written in nice, yellow, bubble letters “Advil”. I unscrewed the cap and shook four pasty pills onto my hand. Two of them I set to the side of one glass. The other two I popped into my mouth, and took some water to wash the God awful taste of medicine off my tongue. 


As I walked past the bed, looking for my shoes and purse, I saw that the lump’s face had been revealed. I don’t ever think I’ve looked for my shoes and purse that quick before. Why him? Why not one of the others. Why did it have to be Harry under those covers?

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