Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


9. The Interview

Chapter 9: The Interview

December 1, Day 8, 7:18 A.M.


Rule number one, is that you gotta have fun,

But baby when you're done, you gotta be the first to run

Rule number two, just don't get attached to, 

Somebody you could lose

When we arrived at the studio, girls flooded the parking lot. It was a tsunami of chicks. Too many of them.

“Who’s this, Harry?”

“Liam! Liam! Liam! Look over here!”

“Oh em gee! My future husband is up there!” 

Everyone that could see any bit of the boys or me yelled to us. I wasn’t surprised that I was yelled at, I guess it came with the job. 

“Louis! Is this girl, your new girlfriend? Did you and Gabby breakup?”

“Liam! Where’s April?”

People and press shouted at us, hopeful to get an answer. 

Louis leaned into my ear and whispered, “don’t answer them. They twist the stories to make them so the public likes them, but they aren’t ever real.” I just nodded at his words as people suggested things going on with me and Louis. I like Louis and all, but no. Not like that. Besides, he apparently has a girlfriend.

 I ran into the entrance trying to get past the looks of death from the girls and press. The press was at least better than the homicidal glares the teens gave me. There were a few reporters who gave me the same looks. What crawled up their butt today?

 As I stepped inside the building, people rushed around, making me not feel any better about this place. It was like outside, only slightly warmer. People yelled at others, things ranging from “You get the lights!” To “Where’s Deb?”

My breathing got progressively faster, and faster. I just wanted to run at the thought of being on t.v. I guess it was like on Broadway, but you got no rehearsal. Crap. 

I really hope that I don’t screw up... 

The boys had grins on their faces, when they looked at me. They were excited to bring me to my first interview, most likely. Louis’ look on his face meant one thing. We were going to be getting in trouble, I knew it. 

They ran down the hall, still holding on to my hands. I was being dragged down the hall, my feet trying to catch up to the boys.

“H-hold... on.” I said between breaths. They pushed open a door with their feet, receiving some strange looks from some people carrying lights.  

“Hello, ladies!” Harry said, holding out the ‘o’. 

“Hey Harry.” One of the three women said not looking up from her boxes of make-up. The woman who was arranging her hair products, ranging from hair spray, to combs, to hair coloring, looked up and saw me. 

“Oh, hi, you must be Eleanor. Finally! A girl to work on! Oh! Where are my manners? My name’s Mikki. I’m the hair stylist.” She held out her hand for me to shake. I planted my hand in hers and awkwardly shook it. “These two ladies are—”

“Dodie.” The girl looked up from her make-up and cut Mikki off. “‘Sup. I’m the make-up artist.” I realized she had a nose ring in her left nostril, and a small flower tattoo on her wrist.

“Hey, I’m Nevada. I know Las Vegas, baby!” A girl who was sorting through clothes said, with a Las Vegas accent. She wore a brown tank-top with a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up, and some brown soffee shorts. “I like clothes. Like a lot, so I made a profession out of it. Unfortunately, my job is with these bozos.” She rolled her eyes at the boys. They just held their hands to their chests and scoffed. The girls just chuckled at the boys. 

“Please, call me Ellie.” I smiled at the girls. “I’m Harry’s ‘girlfriend’” I smiled at my words. They just nodded their heads in return. 

 “Welcome to the One Direction family, Ellie.” Dodie told me, the smile never left her face. They seemed like a happy bunch. “Well, don’t just stand there! Come sit down. I never get to do women, other than myself’s make-up. Some times I do these ladies,” she pointed to the girls behind her. “But, not very often.”

I sat down in the pale blue chair, as Dodie grabbed her brushes and her make-up. “Okay, so lets see what you look best in. I see that you are in a Bart Simpson shirt, so I would doubt that Las Vegas is going to let you go on in that. Hey! Vegas!” That caught Nevada’s attention.

“What do you want Dod?” Nevada questioned.

“What’s Ellie wearing?” They yelled back and forth to each other. 

“Um... How about her capris, and...” She searched though her box, and tugged out a red plaid shirt. She threw it at me. “Here ya’ go chickie.” She went back to searching for Harry’s clothes, talking to him, a lot might I add. 

I looked around the room, at the boys. They all seemed to be busy. I quickly tugged off the Bart shirt. Hoping no one saw me. 

 “Woah! Let’s keep this PG.” Louis joked.

“Damn.” I cursed under my breath. “Shut up Louis.” But, of course all the boys heard Louis. They all turned their heads to see what he was talking about.  

“What? Have you morons not seen a bra before?” Dodie stuck-up for me. I sent her a grateful smile as I tried to get the plaid shirt on. 

I buttoned the shirt up, and Dodie looked at me weirdly. “No, hon.” She unbuttoned the first and second button. Then she smiled. “Hon, you need to look sexy, but not like a slut.” That’s when she started to swipe brushes across my cheeks. “That’s where I come in. Not too much make-up, but just enough.”

 She swiped brushes all over my face. “Dodie, are you going on tour with the boys?” I asked her, trying to strike up a conversation with her. 

 “Uh, yeah I am. We all are. Mikki, Vegas, and I.”

 “Cool. Are you, like, their personal stylists?”

 “Yep, and now we’re yours too.” She winked, following a stifled laugh. “Alrighty then. We. Are. Done.” She said like they were separate words. “Alright, go to Mikki.”

 “Ellie, come on over!” Mikki said very happy. I walked over to the girl, and she curled my hair into little ringlets. 

 “Five minutes ‘till show time!” Someone screamed into the dressing room. 

“Are you excited, Ellie?” Mikki asked. “I mean this is your first interview!” 

“Yeah. I mean I’m an actor, so I’ve been to auditions, but this is live. I don’t get practice.” 

“Really? You’re an actress? That’s so cool!”  

“One minute ‘till show time!” The same person yelled into our room. “One Direction and Eleanor Dennis, please come to the stage!” 

“Good luck!” The girls yelled at the same time. “Jinx! Jinx!”

 “No, I said it first!”

 “No, I did.”

“I called it!”

 They yelled as I walked out of the room, and onto the couch facing a camera. They boys followed not much behind. Just as we sat down, in the order of Liam, Niall, Harry, me, Zayn, and Louis, the interviewer sat down. After a second or two, the red light on the camera went off.

 “Hi! I’m Deborah Beinly on Good Morning New York , and guess who we have? One Direction, with Eleanor Dennis ladies and gentlemen.” Deb said, the smile very fake on her face. “Now who is this Eleanor Dennis, you may ask?” I heard some chatter amongst the crowd. “Who is this girl, Harry?” I guess management had notified the station of the relationship, so that’s why they asked him.

 “Deborah, this is my wonderful girlfriend, Ellie.” He had taken my nickname I told the boys to use, but never did.

 “So, now the most popular man of One Direction is taken? I’m sure fans everywhere are very sad.” A fake frown grew on her face. 

 “Yeah, but now I’m more than happy with this girl right here.” I snuggled into his chest to make it look more real that we were a couple.

“What a wonderful couple. Now how did you guys meet?” Deb asked.

“We met at one of my shows. I used to play Girl from Once, but the last show just ended a few weeks ago, but I met Harry at that show.” I explained, as Harry just bobbed his head along.

“Wonderful, so are you going on the Once tour across America?”

 “No, I’m actually going on tour with One Direction, so keep an eye out for me.” I winked at the camera.

“We will. So, how about a kiss from the two lovebirds?” Deb winked at Harry and I. I gulped and smiled. I’ve kissed my co-stars before, this isn’t any different except for the fact that I absolutely hate Harry the jerk. Hey, I came up with a new nickname for him. I leaned up to kiss him, as he leaned down. My lips touched his, as our eyes closed for a few seconds, just before we pulled away. I snuggled back into his chest to give the illusion I actually cared for him.

“Aren’t they just the cutest! We’ll be back for One Direction after these messages.” And the red light went out. Deb got up out of her chair to go get some water. I backed out of Harry’s chest.

The boys just looked at us and started laughing. 

 “Oh my god! ‘So how about a kiss from the two lovebirds?’” Louis mocked Deb in a cloyingly sweet tone.

“It comes with the job!” I tried to argue. “Besides this isn’t the first time I’ve kissed one of my co-stars.”

“So, now Harry’s your co-star?” Zayn asked with a raised eyebrow.  

“Yes, this is a job, and that comes with the job.” I replied. I shut-up when I saw Deb coming back to her seat. I immediately snuck back into Harry’s chest, just in time to see the red light come back on.

 “And, we are back!” Deb shouted at the camera. “Now Louis...” I zoned during the rest of the interview. I did what I needed to do, so I relaxed into Harry’s chest.

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