Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


19. Put On Pants Loser, We're Going To A Concert

Chapter 19: Put On Pants Loser, We’re Going To A Concert

December 7, Day 15, 6:14 P.M.


Wishing my life away

But these three words

I have to say to you

My baby blue

You know it's true

I love you


I stuck the other hoop earring in my left ear, making me ready for the concert with the one and only Harry Styles. I let my hand drop to my side as I took a look in the mirror at myself. I was satisfied. My dark bootcut jeans ran smoothly down my legs. The red blouse loosely ruffled everywhere. The leather jacket I wore everywhere was on my arms. My black pumps made me taller. Not quite six-foot. More like five-ten. My simple make-up only consisted of mascara, a thin streak of eyeliner, and lip gloss.

I stepped out of the hotel bathroom. We had recently pulled up to the hotel maybe an hour ago. Of course I hadn’t needed to take a shower yesterday.

My heels clicked as I took one more step closer to going to the concert. I bent down to grab my purse. My arms looped through the brown bag. I pounded on the door leading to the bedroom. Harry was in there getting ready. I had gotten the bathroom and he got the bedroom.

“Harry! Hurry up! We need to get going in a few minutes,” I looked at my watch. I raised my hand to pound on the door again, but the door opened before I could. There stood Harry with a bed head and the clothes on that I saw on him before we got to the hotel.

“Yes?” he asked in a groggy voice.

“Why are you not ready?” 

“I wasn’t notified that I had to be dressed up so I had a nap, until someone rudely interrupted me,” he shot me a menacing glare. If looks could kill I would be dead. I shot my hands up in defense.

“Well, sorry for thinking that it’s nice to look nice if I’m meeting your friends. Even if I’m being forced into it,” my hands were still up in surrender. “Plus it’s a concert, you dress up for those,” he stared at me like I had lobsters crawling out my ears. “Well, get into acceptable clothes in a few minutes or I will force you into them,” I felt like his mother saying this. He slammed the door in my face. I went over to the other room across the hall that housed Louis and Niall.

I opened the unlocked door. This hotel had literal keys not key cards for their doors, so as always Louis and Niall’s room was unlocked. 

“Hola amigos,” I told the two boys who were playing some x-box game. I was there when they tried to smuggle the x-box upstairs from the bus. They tried to get me to help. I eventually did help. I was fine with that except the fact that Paul didn’t catch them guarding me, since I was the one carrying it. He only caught me, trying to stuff the x-box up my shirt so we could play video games. My punishment was then that I had to room with Harry. Of all things, Paul had found my weakness. Harry was a jerk, and he knew I hated him, so he was even ruder than he should be to me. 

“Hey,” they didn’t look up from their game. I went over to the spot Niall cleared for me earlier. the controller was still there from when I had  to get up and get ready. It didn’t look like it had been touched since I left. It hadn’t moved even an atom. 

“What’re we playing now?” this looked like a different game than FIFA. 

“Muppets Party Fiasco,” I saw Niall blush a bit. 

“The Muppets eh?” I picked up the controller. “What do you do?” I ran the stick on the controller around. I saw Gonzo start running around a cruise ship weirdly. 

“That’s the problem. We don’t know,” Louis looked like he was trying to figure it put, but kept getting frustrated when he accidentally set his hair on fire or something like that. 

“Well,” I tried to see what I could do. This ended up resulting in Gonzo aka me push Miss Piggy aka Niall off the cruise ship. Not what I expected. 

“Hey!” Niall exclaimed, he have me a horrified look. “Really?” 

“Sorry,” I innocently shrugged. “Oh would you look at that! I need to go check on Harry!” I left before Niall could hurt me for killing Miss Piggy. I didn’t really need to check on Harry, but I might as well. While I’m up at least. I scuffled to the door, shutting it before Niall could reach me. I knocked on the cherry wood door across the hall. I had accidentally left my key in Harry and I’s room. 

“What,” Harry sighed. He looked the same as he had a few minutes ago.

“Don’t stress yourself to be happy or anything,” I sarcastically replied. 

“What do you want?” he ignored my comment. He kinda hid behind the door. His torso was showing, but not his legs or feet. 

“I left my key in here, plus we have to go in a little bit. Get dressed.” He stepped aside to let me in. I saw he didn’t have pants on. That was why he was hiding behind the door. “You might want to go to the concert in pants.” I joked. 

“No shit Sherlock,” I guess that my joke wasn’t funny to him. 

“I’m not Ellie Holmes so that’s not correct,” I rebounded. Harry just stared at me like I was the weirdest person alive.

“Stop trying to be funny,” he scoffed. In turn I scoffed at him. I mumbled something along the lines of “fuck off, and shut up.”

“I am very funny, for your information,” I tried to reason. Harry started laughing and doubling over. 

“That’s hilarious!”

“My point exactly,” I crossed my arms over my chest, and lifted my eyebrow. 

He immediately stopped laughing. 

“You still need to put on pants.” I pointed out. I uncrossed my arms and let them dangle at my sides. He quickly grabbed the pair of pants on the bed there, and tried to get them on as fast as he could. This was an awful plan however. Harry resulted in falling over with his legs tangled in the denim jeans. “Hurry up, Romeo. We gotta’ leave in a few minutes.” He stood straight up, his pants finally on his legs.

“Alright lets go,” he waved at the door.

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