Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


4. Going There

Chapter 4: Going There

November 26, Day 3, 6:56 P.M.


Got a new man, he's waiting out back

Now what, what you think about that

Now when I say I'm through, I'm through


As I walked around the town of New York, my mind couldn’t help but think: why was Harry in the bed? More importantly, why was I in the bed? I don’t remember going there, I don’t remember much, except all of us laughing insanely. We were the funniest people we knew last night.


Lights twinkled up above my head, making the scenery something I hopefully wouldn’t forget. Lights from buildings, and shopping centers made the already dark night, look like it was daytime. Billboards surrounded every little speck of land, albeit I didn’t see any for Once. This made me pessimistic, for it meant that Once was officially over. Over before the tour across America, that is. I unfortunately was not going on that fun trip. I was going on the tour with One Direction-- teenage super-band. Why was I picked to be the “girlfriend”? Why not Olivia or Sherrie, the girl who performed just across the street. 


Anyways, I was supposed to be meeting Harry at a New York pizza place. There were a few things that I didn’t like about New York, but New York pizza was not one of those things. I walked down one of the streets in Times Square, almost running so I wouldn’t be late. I tended to run to things more often than I probably should. To work, to restaurants, to catch the subway, to get to a Broadway show on time. 


The streets bustled with business men and women trying to get home to their families of four to cook some dinner, which the spouse would secretly think is garbage, but don’t say it. While the other would be sleeping, the spouse would take the children to McDonalds. The next day the children would tell the one who brings home the bacon that their parent has been taking them to McDonalds. Later that year the couple would split and the kids would want to stay with the one who got them some of that Mickey Dee’s. 


Finally I got to “Bella Vita Pizzeria” on 43rd Street. One time me and Olli went here and got a really good vegetarian pizza. 


I walked into the glass doors, afraid I would smudge a fingerprint by accident on the clear as day glass. I carefully put my hands on the metal handle and tugged. The floors were a tacky yellow color, there may have been four or five tables. Only one was occupied by a man in a gray hoodie, strands of ecru hair spilling out the front and the sides of his head. His gaze was stuck on the phone in front of him. 


I pulled out one of the chairs beside him. He looked up slightly, then realizing it was me he looked back at the phone. 


“Uh... am I just gonna sit here?” I asked very confused.


“I don’t care. I just need to be here.” I could see that rolled his eyes. Jerk.


“Listen bub,” I half yelled at him while lifting his face up to mine, “I take my acting seriously, and to be a good actress, I need to have good partners. Is that clear?” He kinda just looked at me in a funny way, having a modest sneer on his face. That was not the type of reaction I was hoping to get out of him. “What?” 


“You called me bub. No one has called me that. It’s always asshole.” I just giggled at this. He was an asshole, but I wanted to be original.


“Well, how about that pizza. This is a pizza parlor after all.” I said little laughs in between the two sentences. “I was told I would get pizza, that’s the only reason I agreed to come on this date. So, I need pizza."

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