Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


18. April Showers Bring May Flowers

Chapter 18: April Showers Bring May Flowers

December 6, Day 14, 10:28 A.M.


Grey sky where I should see you

Ask why, why it should be so

I'll cry, say that I don't know


I woke up in my bed, my hair scattered all over my face. 

“Hell,” I muttered, pushing my hair to behind my ears. I sat up the morning light blinding me. My hair was in a mess, like an eagle’s nest. I pulled my tank-top down to my cotton shorts. My legs were bit by the cold air as I climbed out of the bunk. “Jesus, it’s cold.” I wrapped my blanket around my body, only my few spaghetti straps showing. I stepped one foot out in front of the other, my blanket dragging behind me.

“And the Sleeping Beauty awakes,” Harry slapped his hands together sarcastically.

“Well, it’s not this easy to look like this,” I demonstrated with my hands, them going down my body to droop by my hips. “This Sleeping Beauty needs to have her beauty sleep.”

Harry scoffed, I glared at him. “Yeah, ‘beauty’.” I heard him mutter. 

“Hey!” I objected to his rude remark.

He rolled his eyes in response.

“So, what’s for breakfast?” I asked, my arms swinging around my hips.

“Um, well April was flying in to town today, and going on tour for about a week with us, so I was gonna go pick her up. Do you want to come with me? I mean we can get breakfast on the way there, since we don’t really have any food,” he asked me.

“Okay,” I thought about it for a little bit. “Let me get dressed.”

“Alright, let’s leave in... oh, ten minutes?” I nodded. I turned on my heel to go to the back. I turned to my duffle and rifled through the suitcase.

I found my plain gray shirt, with some black skinny jeans. I pulled on my black vans, not bothering to untie the laces, making it a bit tighter around my foot. I ran a brush through my hair. I decided it would be a little cold, so I shrugged on my leather jacket, and black beanie, covering my curly locks. 

I walked out to the front, grabbing my purse on the way out. 

“Leggo’!” I waved my hand to the door. 

“Wow, you clean up fast,” Liam said, obviously shocked. 

“Well, what do you expect from an actress that is most of the time late to her hair and make-up? I learn to be ready in five,” I laughed. Liam just chuckled quietly.

“Well, I hope you like April, she’s really something,” he had that day-dreaming look on his face. 

“I’m sure I’ll love her.”



We waltzed into the airport, Liam had a hoodie on with black sunglasses. He hoped so badly that no one recognized him. I on the other hand only had on my sunglasses and beanie, and I was fine. No one cared about the “girlfriend” of Harry Styles. They wanted Harry Styles. 

I heard Liam suck in a breath, “there she is.” 

“Which one?” there were people everywhere. He pointed to a girl with bright red hair, and I mean almost neon orange-red hair, stepped out of the terminal. She wore a white tank-top with her black bra strap showing on her shoulder. She had bright green eyeshadow, with dark eyeliner. To say the least, she was very pretty. She looked around everywhere, like she was trying to find someone. Her eyes landed on the boy next to me, and a bright smile grew across her lipstick stained mouth. She hurried over to us, her bag she was carrying trying to keep up with her running. 

“Lamb!” she called her nickname for him. I could hear a faint country accent playing on her lips.

“Eyeball!” I had to question Liam’s nick name for her.

They then decided to kiss while I stood there, awkwardly. April must have seen me, because she stopped kissing Liam and waved at me. “Hi, I’m Wayne.”

I lifted my eyebrow.

“I’m kiddin’, I’m Ape. Like a gorilla,” she smiled. I smiled in return.


“Well, it seems like I’m gonna’ need to get to know yo’, since I’m stayin’ wit’ you for two weeks,” she made a weird face.

“You’re staying for two weeks? I thought you were only staying for one,” Liam piped in.

“Well, I changed my schedule with my boss.”

“Cool,” I nodded my head.

“Which baggage claim are your bags at?” Liam asked Ape.

“Um,” she looked at the top of her hand. On it was the combination: 45BLUE - from New Orleans.

“Are you from New Orleans?” i asked, pointing at the slightly blurred blue ink on the top of her hand. 

“Yeah, I grew up right square in the middle of good ole’ New Orleans.” 

“Well, that’s nice.” I smiled at her. She made a weird face, where she crossed her eyes, scrunched her nose up, and stuck her tongue out. I giggled at her silliness.

I rubbed the under-lid of my eye. “Man, I need a shower!” I declared.



December 6, Day 14, 12:19 P.M.

We walked into the tour bus. I slumped my bag on the couch when only moments later I slumped on the same couch. I sat up.

“I’m gonna’ go take a shower. No one go into the bathroom.” I told the boys. “Don’t try and be funny, and go in the bathroom. It won’t be funny. Plus you have girlfriends. Even if I scream or somethin’, don’t go in there,” I pointed my finger at them all, swinging my pointer around. They held up their hands in surrender, except Niall who just bit into my sandwich while bobbing his head yes. 

I turned on my heel to go to the tiny shower which I had no clue how anyone could stand in. But I was in desperate need for a shower. I had been trying to see if there was any way to get a shower at a hotel or something, but we had only slept on the bus so far. But with my luck, we would stop to sleep in a hotel tonight, so I wouldn’t actually have to shower now, but would have been able to tonight. I picked through my duffle, trying to find my shower stuff that was hidden at the bottom. I found the two bottles of shampoo and conditioner. My Suave brand Fairy Berry shampoo smelled so good. Don’t judge me. Sure, it’s kids shampoo, but it smells so good. 

I found a closet of towels, and I grabbed a towel from the stacks. I decided that I would wear the clothes I wore to the airport, since I had only worn them for two hours. I stripped the clothes from my body, and stepped into the shower when I turned on the water. I started to lather my hair with my shampoo. I started to sing. What’s a good shower without singing. 

“I came in like a wrecking ball! I don’t the words to this song...” I tried to see if I could sing it, but I didn’t know the words. I came up with a song. “Give me love like her, ‘cause lately I've been waking up alone, pain splattered teardrops on my shirt. Told you I'd let the—ah!” I screamed. Shampoo had gotten in my eyes and mouth and let me tell you, don’t eat shampoo. It tasted like a mix of nasty artificial coloring, “strawberries” and chemicals. 

Suddenly the door burst open and in came Harry looking around with a bat in his hand. He gripped it at the bottom and had his knees bent so he could attack something easier. 

“Harry!” I yelled at him. “Get the hell out of here!” I clutched the nearest thing to me so he wouldn’t see through the plastic panels in the tiny shower. This happened to be a slippery bar of soap, which I dropped to the ground where I crouched down to get. I couldn’t get my grip on the thing, so I just crouched there. 

“What were you screaming about?” he loosened his grip on the bat, and just looked dumbfounded.

“I’ll tell you later, just get out of here!” I yelled at him.

My arms were slippery and they kept moving out from covering my boobs. My toes felt like they were about to break off, since I was supporting all my weight on the ten insufficient weight bearing toes. My hair clung to my back in little watered down strings. It turned from the usually dark brown to an cloudy, darker brown, almost black. Water dripped over my back, some new water coming fresh from the spout, some being from my hair dripping. 

“Why were you screaming. I wont leave until you tell me,” he shrugged. “I’ve seen women naked before, so this doesn’t faze me,” he dropped the bat on the floor and lifted the top of his butt onto the sink to lift himself up. 

“Will you leave?” I exclaimed the rhetorical question. He pulled out his phone which I took as a no.

“So, are you going to tell me?” I shook my head no.

“But it’s embarrassing.” I scrubbed my head with water to get the rest of the shampoo out of my hair. I lifted my eyes up to remove what I could from the contaminated eyes. I still wanted to get clean.

“Okay, I’ll just stay here then,” I planted my butt on the ground of the shower, where I was able to turn off the water. I wiped the water out of my eyes, just so I could see where my towel was. It hung on the sink right next to Harry. I was able to reach it if I stood up. 

“Hey, Harry?” he looked up from his phone. “Can you hand me the towel right next to you?” he had a small smirk stuck on the side of his mouth. 

“Only if you tell me why you screamed in the shower.”

I scooted over to where the sink was just behind the panels of the shower. I peeled the panel back and tried to reach for it, while trying not flash Harry in the process. 

I tried to grasp the swatch of fabric hanging over the top of the sink. My index and my middle fingers tried the hardest to clamp down on the fabric. I stretched my arm longer, which made it hurt a bit, to reach the fabric. I finally reached the little bit of fabric I could, and tugged it down as hard as I could. It came down with all my clothes, tumbling down to the tiles between the shower and the sink. I stood up and wrapped the towel around me. 

“Thanks for giving me my towel, ya' asshole,” I gave a sarcastic smile to him. And I walked out of the minuscule bathroom.

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