Ashes & Wine

There was one thing his music needed.


20. A Concert in Orange

Chapter 20: A Concert In Orange

December 7, Day 15, 7:14 P.M.


Not even they can stop me now

Boy, I’ll be flying overhead

Their heavy words can’t bring me down

Boy I've been raised from the dead


I hopped out of Harry’s too-fancy-for-me car. My legs hitting the cement, made a ‘thud’ sound. We were close to the arena, almost seeing Ed backstage. Thousands of people stood outside the arena waiting for the orange-headed singer.

My feet stood in the cold waiting for Harry to finally get out of the car. My legs were getting colder by the second. He finally jumped out of the black car. 

“Ready?” He asked me. I nodded, and shuddered from the frigid air hitting my nose, and cheeks. I’m sure that by the time we were inside, my nose would be like a cherry. My cheeks would be like apples on their trees. 

We walked not slow, but not fast to the back door. Just fast enough to not freeze to death.

We walked into the arena, screams filled my ears. Just the same with b.o. in my nose. I crinkled it up to try and get rid of the smell. Or at least block it. 

“It smells in here,” I stated the obvious. 

“Welcome to concerts, my dear. At our concerts,” he put his palm on his chest. “It smells like hormonal, teenage girls who don’t know how to use deodorant. Every. Single. Concert. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the cleanest state when we get here, it turns into the smelly arena,” he sneered at me.

“Well,” I didn’t know how to respond. “I’m sorry?” he waved me off. 

I saw a little blob of orange coming down the hallway. Harry just lit up. 

“Eddy!” he screamed ad he ran to the orange hired man. They hugged like they hadn’t seen each other in forever. I stood there awkwardly with my right arm hugging the top of my left arm. My lips formed a thin line and moved to the side. My teeth nibbled on the inside of my cheek. 

“Harry, introduce me to your friend,” Ed gestured to me. He saw I was a bit uncomfortable. 

What I wanted to know was, why was Harry nice to the boys and Ed, but not me? Why did he seem to hate me? Harry just stared at me like he expected me to introduce myself. 

“Ellie. Ellie Dennis. I’m dating Harry.” I shook his hand. Ed just looked at Harry in shock. 

“Harry,” Ed asked in a questioning tone. “How long have you been dating this beauty?” I turned a bit flushed at the comment. “And more importantly, why didn’t I know you had a girlfriend. I thought I was your best mate,” he punched Harry’s shoulder, not very hard albeit. “I should know these things.” I heard a call from the back. 

“I gotta’ go, man. Nice meeting you Ellie,” he waved as he walked away. 

“You too!” I called out after him and waved at his back.

“C’mon.” Harry pushed my back to have me follow him. In return I stuck my tongue out at his back. 

We walked over to a door leading to the arena. Harry pushed the steel push bar to let himself out. It shut right in my face. I pushed the door, and rolled my eyes. 

“Thanks for holding the door open for me.”

“No problem, sweetheart,” there was that sickly sweet, fake smile again. 

Ed walked out on stage, cheers erupted through out the crowd. I stood up and pulled Harry up with me. He gave me a glare and turned his head back to his friend. 

“Thank you, thank you.” 

He picked up his guitar and started strumming the notes to Drunk. He played through most of his songs. Some I recognized. Some I didn’t. 

“I’m sorry, but this is the last song of the night,” Ed put a frown on his face. “I’d like to have my two friends come up to the stage. Harry and Ellie?” 

He thought of me as his friend? We had only met maybe two hours ago. Harry and me went up. I looked at Harry and he had the same confused look that I did. Ed put his hand to the side of the mic, and whispered into it. Almost pretending like we couldn’t hear him. “They’re dating.” He recomposed his posture and took his hand away from the mic. 

“I’d like to dedicate this song to my new favorite couple, who came on a date to my concert,” he smiled and started strumming the guitar to the notes of Kiss Me. I swayed to the words coming off his tongue. He strummed his last note. The crowd was chanting something. I couldn’t quite pick up what it was. I listened harder. 

They were chanting “Kiss, kiss, kiss!” Harry heard it too. 

Soon Ed was chanting as well. I looked at Harry, we both had a look of fear in our eyes. Harry put his arm around my shoulder. He leaned to my cheek and pressed his lips to the blushing bit of flesh. 

He leant over to the mic and said, “We kissed, there ya’ go.” The crowd looked like they were cheated. In a way they were. The curtains closed on us. We stood there for a moment before following Ed to the back dressing room.

“That was smart,” I applauded Harry.

“Well, I didn’t want to kiss this—” he pointed to my face with his palm. “For the second time since we’ve been quote-on-quote ‘boyfriend and girlfriend.’” 

I put my hands to my chest, and stopped in the hallway with a shocked expression. “I am not that horrible!” I tried to reason with him. 

“Your a fine girl, but I just hate the whole dating because I have bad publicity. This is why we hate management. They make us do things that really no one would do except very famous celebrities.” He shrugged, but I knew it was a big deal. We were still stopped in the hallways. I started to see that Ed had left us, and the hallway was deserted. I saw a man coming down the hall with lights from the stage.I pointed him out to Harry so we had to stop talking about the whole fake dating thing.

“Well, we need to get going anyways so...,” he started going down the hallway.

“We can stay longer, I want to get to know Ed a bit better...,” I didn’t want to leave.

“Fine,” he rolled his eyes.


im so proud i updated guys like this is no laughing matter


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