In english

I am a Dane. And to everyone who dosn't know what that means: i am from Denmark. A small country in Scandinavia. That also means that i am probarly not the best at writing English. So please, comment if i make a mistake, that will help me get to know the language better or something. Uhm, anyways - this movella is were i am going to write like short stories, poems... I really don't know! Just if you could take a look at it it would be perfect! Help me get to know the english language better!
And i am not at any time going to use fx translating apps or anything. This is all me!
Thank you - Sara


1. Y.O.L.O - make a difference for gods sake!

Yolo does not mean that you should:

Go out get yourself drunk or high,

Paint with graffiti,

or ruin your life in any way!

Yolo means that you should:

Study hard and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Cause you only get one chance to make things right.


You only live once.

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