A spot in time

Doctor who. And one direction fanfiction


1. tardis

My name is libretty tomlison. Daughter of louis tomlison i was adopeted. My boyfriend is harry Styles, but thats a diffrent story.

I wanna tell this one about the time lords and how i come in.

Its 2014 my time your time 2013.

But lets go back to 2013 the day this all happened.

It was just a normal day then i sat down to play on harrys laptop, then i herd a noise, it was coming from outside. So i grabbed my coat and my shoes and went outside. I saw a big blue box next to my house it opened then a man came out.

"Hello im the doctor"

" how did yo-" he cut me off

"And you are"

" libretty"

" im here for a reason"

" and that is"

" you"

~this is a doctor who and one direction fanfiction~

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