Justin Bieber kidnapped me

I heard doorbell ring but ignored it. I was currently in my room laying on my bed surfing through channels. BOOM! Was all I heard. I ran down stairs and...


4. Escaping

"What! Are you kidding?" I asked looking at Becky as if she were insane.

"Abby, you just got kidnapped, and your not going to do anything about it, at all?" Becky asked.

"He is going to kill us if we leave, like literally." I said like duh Becky, really could she be more stupid?

"Well unlike you, I would rather have Justin kill me than my parents." Becky snapped at me.

"Well he is going to kill ALL of us if you leave this car!" I snapped back at her.

"Fine!" Becky said angrily, taking her seat belt.

"Fine!" I said taking mine off, then realizing what she was doing. "Wait where are you going?" I asked.

"Somewhere but here. I'm leaving, I'm going home, to mom and dad, and Brad." Becky said.

"So this is what this is about?" I asked.

"What is?" she responded.

"Brad! You want to go back to Brad! Not mom or dad, but Brad!" I practically screamed. Brad is Becky's boyfriend back at home, in case you have not caught on.

All of a sudden 'Wrecking Ball' started playing.

"What the heck is that?" Becky asked.

"My-" I was about to say when I saw Becky's face she looked like she wanted to strangle me.

"Phone! You had your phone with you the whole time?!" She yelled.

I looked at the message, blocked user..

To: Me

From: Unknown

I can hear you guys, tell Becky, this is her warning, don't turn around.

xx Justin ;)

I was scared I gulped and was about to cry.

"What! Who was it?" Becky asked.

"Becky, Justin heard you, wanting to escape, he said this is your warning, don't turn around." I said slowly.

"What? There is no possible way he could hear us! He went inside! He hasn't come back! Now stop lying, and tell me what the message actually said, Abby!" Becky said.

"Beck, I'm serious." I said with a blank expression from Becky in return.

'Wrecking Ball' then played again.

To: Me

From: Unknown

I can here every word, so Becky doesn't want to believe you? Haha, don't turn around, don't be tempted.


"Becky, stop." I said sweating and crying at the same time.

"What? Let me see the messages." Becky said grabbing my phone.

"What does he mean by don't turn around?" Becky asked confused and scared at the same time.

"To not turn around so don't turn around." I said.

"Well I'm definitely leaving now, this guy is really creepy so bye Abby, I love you, let's keep in touch." Becky said as she hoped out the window.

As soon as her feet reached the ground I heard a gunshot.

"Becky!!!" I screamed.

{A/N Omg! Becky trying to escape... Ooooo if you want more vote, follow, and comment. What happened to Becky? Do you think Abby or Becky did the right thing? How do you like the story so far? Comment your answers and I'll update:) Deal?}

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