(What I think would happen if hunger games continued.)
Zinnia is twelve years old. She lives With her sister in Victor's village. But she's still eligible for the games. Her sister is rightfully her mentor, but will she be able to win?



1. One

"Zaire, I'm scared." I cry, tears coming down my face. She hugs me, and smiles.

"It will all be okay." She comforts, holding me close.

"Zaire, are you glad that that career boy saved you?" I ask, remembering last year's games.

"No. Wonder, well, he suffered. No one should suffer." She says, stroking my hair. Zaire is eighteen this year, and I know she had a crush on that boy.

"Now get ready. Water's set out." She tells me, lightly pushing me to the tub. I smile.

"Go get ready." I tell her. As she walks back to her room, I look into the mirror. 

I look straight into my dark blue eyes. 

After I dry off, I change into the clothes that Zaire has laid out for me. A faded pink blouse with a beautiful dark blue skirt. I brush through my dark brown hair, then walk out.  I see Zaire, dressed in a white gown.

"It's so beautiful..." I whisper. She gladly smiles, turning around.

"I know..." She replies.

"What's Rosie wearing

She ruffles my hair. I smile at her. She's tall and elegant, and I'm just a small twelve year old. 

"I'll wait." I reply, sitting in a chair. I decide to go outside and sit on the porch, instead.

Ryder comes, and sits next to me.

"Hey, little flower. How's your sister?" He asks. Ryder is my sister's boyfriend. Well, it's not actually said, but they have big crushes on each other.

"She's doing well, Ryder." I say, giving a smile. He ruffles my hair, the same way Zaire does.

"Tell her I'll see her in a couple weeks.." He pats me on the back, and stands up. 

"Will do." I reply, before going inside. I see that Zaire has finished with her hair.

"Sit down so I can style your hair." She orders, pointing at a chair. I happily oblige.

I Look up at her, a smug smile upon my face. "Your boyfriend said 'Hi!'" She rolls her eyes.

"He is NOT my boyfriend." She says. But I know she's lying.

"Come on." My Zaire says, taking my hand. We're at the door, and about to go to reaping. My sister gets to be a mentor this year. That means she's going to be gone during the whole games.

"We have a special message from the Capitol!" Effie squeals. We watch a video explaining why we have the Hunger Games.

"I just love that !" Effie squeals again, as she wipes a tear.

"Ladies first!" Effie startles me when she speaks. I see Zaire and Haymitch sitting next to the mayor. As Effie's hand goes into the bowl, my heart stops.

"Zinnia Drapewood." She clearly shouts, smile upon her face. My sister's face drops, fear in her eyes. I step out, swallowing my fear. I walk, peacekeepers surrounding me. Effie gestures me onto the stage.

"You must be the sister of our newest mentor, aren't you?" She whispers to me. I nod, fear creeping up on me.

"Excellent! Now, for the male tribute!" She grasps a small piece of paper, and unfolds it.

"Colt Drysdale!" She yells. A boy, about three years older than me, is shoved out of the crowd. He walks up, same way I did, peacekeepers surrounding him.

"Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!" She yells. Her smile is wide and weirdly white.

I'm taken to the Justice building, where no one visits me. I'll be with Zaire until the games, and my mom had a heart attack during Zaire's games. I didn't tell anyone, because the time I found out, she was dead. But Zaire, in my mind, is eligible to care for me.

I'm surprised with a visit.

"Hey, little flower." Says a boy. I look up, to see Ryder's blonde hair.

"I'm scared, Ryder." I say, on the verge of tears. He comes over to me, and sits. He presses cold metal into my hand.

"It'll be okay, little flower. I know you can win." He comforts. I smile at him, tears rolling down my cheeks.

"You think so?" I ask, sniffling.

"I know so." He says. A peacekeeper comes in, and takes him away. I'm left sitting, and unclench my fist. Tied to a scratched and worn gold locket, was a note.

"This was your momma's. 


I smile, slipping it around my neck. 

I'm forced onto a train. I get on, and find my way to the cart that my sister is on.  I look at her, and her eyes are red and puffy.

"Hey, Zaire." I say to her. "Your going to be my mentor, guess." 

'Yeah, I'm not really sure what to do. I taught you how to use a knife. But are you good at other things?" she asks.

"I don't know. Can I think on this?" I question.

"Of course you can, Zinnia." She says. I walk over to her, and sit down.

"I'm scared, Zaire. I'm really scared." I say.

"Did Ryder visit you before?" She continues.

"Yeah, he told me he knows I can win. I don't think I can." 

"Look at me. You can win. I know it." She replies, holding up my chin. 

"Okay. I will win. But I'm still really scared."

"It will be okay. It will. I won. You can win." 

"Okay. I can. And I will."

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