Having you is what matters

This movella is a roleplay, which has been created with my friend. A slightly diffrent genre, maybe, but I hope, you'll like it. Maybe it's a little confusing, but I still hope, You'll chose to read it.

The two guys, Ran and Izumi, have know eachother since kindergarden and are still friends. Their friendship is good, and Ran has for the last three years been deeply in love with a boy, Izumi of course, but Izumi doesn't know that. A couple of months ago Rans' father died, and because of that he started to hurt himself (cut) as the only way to escape the sorrow. And because Ran always wears long sleeved blouses, Izumi doesn't know about Ran hurting himself.
Will Ran ever be brave enough to say hevus gay, and tell Izumi his feelings for him, and does Izumi have the same feelings for him? Will Ran ever be able to move on after his fathers death? Start reading to find the anserw.

Torio has not written the storie only corrected spelling mistakes.

This movella has homosexuality and possible sex scenes in it, so if there is anyone that is against it, I want to ask you please not read it.


12. A good day after all

"I-Izumi?! What are you doing here?!" His eyes were red but he had stopped crying a long time ago. "Why do you have a cake?" Ran was surprised. 'Did he remember?' Ran got tears in his eyes again as he just stared at Izumi. "Y-you remembered?"

"Happy birthday Ran-chan!" He giggled. "Mom helped me with the cake, 'cuz it didn't work out when I tried to make it. But it's your favourite." He sat the cake down on the table. He reached his hand out to Ran. "Stand up and stop crying now." He smiled.

"Okay" he smiled and wiped away his tear and grabbed Izumi's hand. "Th-thank you" he hugged you. "You really are the best" he said in a bit low voice. "Shall we have some cake then?" He kissed his cheek before taking out a cake knife and two plates. "I thought you forgot" he giggled a little.

Izumi sat down. "Ofcourse I wouldn't forget my boyfriends birthday." He smiled. 'I want to kiss him. It's always he who kisses me, now it's my turn!.. But I'm so embarrassed.' He once again hung his head down in shame.

"Huh?" Ran looked at Izumi. "You look sad again... What's the matter?" He asked worried. "Are you hurt or something?" He exsaminated Izumi's body with his eyes checking for any injuries. "What happened?" He sat down on the chair infront of Izumi and looked at you worried. "I don't want you to be sad"

"Actually I got smashed down by cycklist on my way here, but that's not the point. It's... I just... Want to... You know... K-k-kiss you..?" He blushed and looked down.

"What?! Are you allri-" Ran said shocked but then realized the second part of his words. "You want to kiss me?" Ran just looked at Izumi as if he was no longer in the same world. 'He wants to k-kiss ME! A-and I was gay first and ma-maybe he has really fallen for me? I-I'm so happy but I don't know what to do. Wait I have to get myself together! Ran get to the real world dammit!' Suddenly Ran shook his head and seemed to be in this world again. "Did I just imagine that you said you wanted to kiss me?" He said a bit groggy.

"Don't make fun of me!" He looked a bit away from him and took his hand up to his face to hide that he was blushing.

"No no I just... Never thought that i'd ever hear you say that" Ran gazed at Izumi. Ran smirked. "So you're gonna do it or?" Ran teased him with a pokerface. "Just move the hand and come over here" he signalized him to get over to him using his finger.

"You have to close your eyes then." He said and stepped closer to Ran.

"Okay" Ran closed his eyes and listen to Izumi's light steps coming closer and closer. He wanted to peek but he didn't. Ran could feel his cheeks getting warmer. 'Dammit I'm blushing' Ran closed his eyes together tighter and his mouth began looking like some kind of a handicapped S.

Izumi slowly got closer to Ran's face. He gently held Ran's head in his hands. 'He's blushing!' Izumi smiled. His lips met Ran's. They gently touched. Izumi's smile faded into the kiss. He slowly embraced Ran.

"Mhn.." Ran tried to make the kiss deeper by pulling him a little closer but still letting Izumi be the dominant one in the kiss. He put his hands on his shoulder and just enjoyed the sweet kiss.

Izumi was like in a whole other world. He slowly opened his mouth a bit. He licked his lower lip, asking for permission to enter with his tounge. "Don't hold yourself back. I wanna enjoy the kiss too." he mumbled with a smile on his lips.

"As you wish." Ran slid his tounge into Izumi's mouth swirling it around his tounge. He smirked into the kiss and put his arms around Izumi making the kiss even deeper.

Izmui followed his lead. Then he widened his eyes. 'Fuck!' He looked down and suddenly his cheeks blushed a deep red colour.

As Izumi looked down Ran did too. "I-Izumi..! Y-you're.."Ran blushed as he stared down with eyes probably just as wide as tea cups. 'H-he became hard'

"Don't look!" He turned away. 'How could this happen to me? I just love him so much...' A tear run down his cheek. 'I'm crying!?' He swept it away.

"Are you crying Izumi?" He wiped your tears away. "It's okay we are boys after all" he giggled and ruffled your hair. "Come don't cry" Ran smiled seducingly. "Wanna hear a secret?"

Izumi sniffled. "What secret?"

"When we played truth or dare and you had to whisper my name in a dirty way I got rock hard but I hid it under the blanket" Ran looked straight at Izumi.

Izumi stared at Ran. Suddenly he burst out laughing. "I'd never seen that coming!" He tilted his head and smiled. "But thank you, I feel better now."

"Bitte sehr" Ran said smiling. "So what do you wanna do now? Have some cake?" He started cutting the cake.

"I would love some cake." He walked over to the kitchen. Shall I make some tea?" He asked.

"Uh no that's not nessacary I have some soda if you'd like" he cut a slice of the cake and placed it on Izumi's plate then he cut one for himself. "Do you enjoy kisses that involve tounge?" He asked bluntly.

He took a bottle of soda from the fridge. He put it on the table. "What did you say?" He asked.

"You heard me... Do you enjoy kisses involving tounge?" He said a bit more loudly. "You seemed to enjoy it since you got hard" Ran blushed slightly by the memory but still kept his serious face on.

"I enj- WHAT!?" He blushed. "...Shuth uph..." He mumbled with a piece of cake in his mouth.

"Gonna answer or what?" Ran stared at him eating his cake. "Then I'll just have to find out myself" he smirked.

"What!? No, I...!" He looked down. "Can't you see that it's obvious? Only because it's you. Don't make me say such embarrassing things!"

"But I want to embarras you" Ran smiled gently. "You make such a cute expression" he rested his head in his hand.

"You've embarrassed me enough already! Why can't you ever get embarrassed!?" Izumi pouted.

"I do" Ran smiled. "Whenever you're dominant I feel kind off embarrassed" Ran scratched his head. "And also when you're seducive, naked or half naked, sleeping..." Ran pouted.

"You big old perv!" He giggled. "So you like this, huh?" He slowly walked towards him. He leaned down, gently touching Ran's lips but slowly making the kiss deeper. He held his head in his hands.

"Mhn..!" Ran was surprised. He broke the kiss and gasped. "W-wow that took me by surprise." Ran blushed as he covered his mouth and looked away. "W-what's the time?"

"That doesn't matter, big boy." Izumi sat down on Ran's lap. Kissing him again. He had Ran's silky black hair between his fingers.

Ran pushed Izumi slightly away. "I.. Don't really feel that... I'm kissing my Izumi.. You're too dominant" Ran blushed and looked down. He was afraid that he might have hurt him.

Izumi looked down. "That took away all my energy." He turned around. "But it's unfair that it's only me that get's embarrassed. But I love you so much that it hurts in my chest. And I want you to feel my love towards you. I don't know how to show it to you." He sulked.

"Really... It hurts in YOUR chest?... Tch... Then try waiting three years for your great love. Try to stay by his side as only his friend. Try not to kiss him or flirt with him just stay his friend and hide every feeling of love you feel for him even if it hurts!... If it hurts in your chest then I have been trough hell... I had to stay close to you but not too close and you only saw me as a friend all these years and everyday I was scared that you'd find out cause I thought that it would be the end of our relationship as friends and that you'd hate my guts!" Ran half yelled irritated. "You already show me you love me by kissing me, hugging me, yeah heck even just by blushing!" Ran cupped his face. "Look at me... I love you as much as my heart can possible love" he giggled. "Do you get what I'm saying?" He kissed Izumi on his lips.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!" He kissed him back. "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting all these years." Tears streamed down his cheeks. He didn't know what to do. He kissed you and hugged you and patted you all at once.

"It's okay" he kissed his lips one last time. "Shall we just enjoy ourself for the rest of this day?" He hugged him slightly. "I want to be with you till the last minnute of my birthday."

"Mhmm." He mumbled. He was still sitting on your lap, hugging you. "... I only want to do it with you." He suddenly said.

"Wh-what?! Really?!" Ran grabbed his arms and had sparkly eyes. 'He is so cute!' "Izumi!" Ran jumped on him and kissed him.

"You've been waiting for me for so long. It must've been hard to have kept your hands off me." He giggled. "But it's alright. Just try to be gentle." He blushed and giggled. "I never thought I would have said that."

"Me neither" he giggled and lifted him up bridal style. "Shall we go to the master bedroom princess?" Ran said with a british accent.

"Hey, don't call me a princess, idiot!" He giggled. "But you're surely my handsome prince." He gently kissed him.

"As you wish my prince" Ran kissed him back. As they got into Ran's bedroom he gently laid Izumi on the bed kissing him. He slid his tounge inside Izumi's mouth.

Izumi slided Ran's blouse off. He continued to kiss him. He gently embraced Ran.

Ran slid his hand under Izumi's t-shirt and as they kissed his hand went further and further up torwards his nipple. "Izumi~" his low voice purred as he said his name. He began playing with his nipple.

Izumi gave a soft moan. He blushed lightly as he felt the heat from everywhere Ran had touched. "Ran~" his voice cracked. He couldn't lay still. 'He is so good.'

"Mh..?" He started licking on the nibble. 'So soft and pink' Ran's cold hands softly touched his body and embraced him. "I love you"

"I love you too, Ran." He whispered. He put his hands on Ran's back.

Ran took off Izumis shirt and tossed it on the floor. He licked him on his collarbones and down to his belly. He pulled Izumi's zipper down and pulled his pants further down. "Are you sure about this Izumi?" He looked him right in his eyes.

"I'm sure." He said, looking seriously at you. Then he gently kissed you. "Don't stop." He whispered.

Ran pulled Izumi's pants off and rubbed his underwear. "Izumi you're hard" Ran whispered in his ear and continued rubbing him.

"Don't tease me." He suddenly moaned. "You're at fault." He said. He reached his head closer to Ran and kissed his collar bone giving him a love mark. "Now you're mine." He smirked. A pearl of sweat ran down his neck.

"I always have been." Ran smiled and took off his own pants. "I heard that it hurts in the beginning." his hand slowly went under Izumi's underwear and he began rubbing his member.

"Ah!" Izumi moaned. He blushed pure red and took his hands up to his mouth. He looked to see if you reacted to his moan.

"Does it feel good?" He smiled. "I'm happy" Ran took off Izumi's underwear and licked his member. Suddenly he stopped. "Wah! What a big bruise! Is it from the cycle accident? Does it hurt?"

"Wah-when did I get one there!? I felt the pain right before and I didn't want to tell you that it hurt, because it's an embarrassing place to be hurt." He blushed a bit. "But I guess you numbed the pain for awhile." He giggled. "But now it's my turn to turn you on." Izumi smirked and rolled around so he was now on top of Ran.

Ran landed on the bottom softly. He laughed a little. "How about we stop for now huh? You don't seem ready yet." Ran smiled and put his arms around Izumi's neck. "You are shaking... I see it." He lifted his head slightly up and kissed Izumi. "Don't worry it's okay if you are scared. I won't force you." He smiled gently and pulled Izumi down besides him.

Izumi blushed and snuggled up to him. He sighed. "Thank you. I love you." He kissed Ran. "I will pay you back." He whispered in Ran's ear.

"How?" He smiled and layed his hand on Izumi's cheek. "How come I'm so lucky?" He closed his eyes into another smile.

"Because you waited for three years. Thank you for waiting for me." He smiled and kissed you once again.

"Sure." he took his hand and intertwined their fingers. "So how will you pay me back?" He giggled.

Izumi smirked. "Wait and see." He whispered.

Ran smiled and nodded. "Kay!" He pulled the blanket over Izumi's body. "You must be cold." he kissed Izumi's cheek. "Since you are naked it can't be helped." He started laughing. "Well we should do something fun before we go to school tomorrow and there is still a couple hours left of this day" he smiled gently and laid down his head on the pillow.

He giggled. "What about sleep? I'm actually pretty tired." Izumi yawned. "It's monday tommorow, so I have to go up a little early to go get my school bag."

"Okay." He smiled and took off his jeans. "You wanna borrow some night clothes?" He asked as he dressed himself in a loose white t-shirt.

"Can I? I don't wanna sleep in the same clothes that I am going to use tommorow." He giggled.

"You'll have to wear your uniform, baka!" Ran giggled. "Here!" He tossed a big blue t-shirt over to Izumi. "Want shorts or pyjama pants to sleep in too?" He held some yellow shorts and red pyjamas pants. They looked like they were never used and they probably wern 't. Ran only slept with his boxers and a t-shirt.

"I don't think I suit either yellow or red. I'm just gonna sleep in my boxers." He reached down to the floor where his boxershorts were. He put them on.

Ran smiled and put the shorts and the pyjamas back in the closet. He jumped on the bed gracefully landing with a bump. "Hey Izumi? Can I ask you something?" Ran had all of a sudden a serious face.

"Sure what is it?" He rested his head on the palm of his hand.

"Why are you such a shortstack?" Ran had his pokerface on. "I have never in my life met anyone smaller than you..."

"That's just mean!" Izumi whined. He crossed his arms and pouted.

"Haha, sorry." Ran laughed at himself. "I just had to say something." He took a lock of Izumi's hair and twirled it around his finger. "So soft..."

Izumi smiled. He pinched Ran's cheek. "You're too cute."

"No I'm not~" Ran laughed and blushed. "You are cute!" He pinched Izumi's cheek.

"Hey, don't pinch me back!" Izumi rolled on top of Ran and ruffled his hair.

"Argh! Stooop~" Ran giggled and swaped their placed so he was on top. "HAHA! Who is the champ now?" Ran ruffled Izumi's hair back and tickled him. "Take this!"

"Wah, nooo!~" Izumi giggled. "Seriously, stop!" He took his hands up to Ran's cheeks, reached his head up from the pillow and kissed him to make him stop.

Ran's eyes got wider and he stopped right away. He was a little shocked since it was the second surprise kiss he had gotten from Izumi.

"Nm~" Izumi gently embraced Ran. He laid his head on the pillow. "Goodnight." He whispered.

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