Assassin {Niall Horan Fan Fiction}

Maggie Rose has never been a normal girl, she was born and raise to do one thing, be an assassin. Her and her twin brother Jacob are nearing their final assessment, they have to kill a living person. Maggie has never kill, only practiced on dummies. What happens when she gets close to her target, will she be able to kill him, or will she turn her back on everyone she has ever known?


4. Chapter 2

Maggie's POV


"Niall Horan." I mused, looking over the 5 by 8 picture of him. 

"Who'd you get?" Kien said coming up to my side, his binder clutched in his other hand, looping the other one around me. 

"Niall James Horan." I said skimming over his basic info. "He's a singer in a band with four other boys-"

"Who the rest of us are assigned to kill." Kien said opening his. "Jacob got Harry Edward Styles, Lucas got Louis William Tomanison and Zayn Javid Malirk and I got Liam James Payne."

I sneak a peek into his binder catching a glance at a guy, who looked about our age. His brown hair was clearly gelled up, but his eyes were kind and friendly looking. I looks back at Niall, tracing the lines of his face with my eyes, memorizing his face and bright blue eyes. His dirty blonde hair was ruffled lightly, but it was cute.

"Hm it's a good thing they're in a band." I said half to myself. "Their families won't be around."

Kien shrugged. "It wouldn't matter, we'll going to kill them anyway, family or no family."

I nod leaning my head on his shoulder. "Want to help me pack, I need to know what clothes I should wear out in the world. I can't trust anyone else to tell me the truth on how I look."

Kien laughed lightly. "You look good in everything Maggie."

I turn around facing him, my eyes staring straight into his. "Then I'll get Lucas to tell me, or we could just make out on the bed."

Kien's eyes almost instantly go dark with jealously. "Are you two a couple or something? Cause you tell me everything Maggie, I know you've never had your first kiss or anything."

"Oh Kien." I sigh wrapping my arms around, feeling his body relax against mine. "Lucas just wanted to get under your skin, I would never date him."

Kien looped his arms through mine pulling me towards my room. "Come on then, let's get you ready for London."

~Skip towards next morning~

I walked around my small room, putting most of my belongings into my suitcase. If felt strange leaving the only place I have ever known. An unfamiliar feeling rose in my stomach, making me want to squeal and hide at the same time. I took a deep breath standing in front of my mirror putting on the final touches to my outfit. My light gray shirt that read, Girls can kick ass too. My dark wash jeggings going almost too well with the light brown boots. I tucked my hair behind my left ear and grabbed my bag walking out of my room. Kien stood outside, dressed in his usual fades blue jeans with a white tee and light jacket. His light blue eyes twinkled slightly as I walk towards him.

"Did you pick up what our instructor left for us in Workroom 43?" He asked the second I was in earshot. I nodded somberly pulling out a set of three knives, all of them less then 6 inches long, but covered with deadly poison. One prick and the victim would be dead, it would look like they just passed suddenly, like a heart attack.

Kien shot me a reassuring glance as I slid them back into my boot. He took my bag, shouldering it easily.

"You look different today." He said after a three second silence.

"Is that bad?" I say, quickly starting to panic. "Should I go change?"

"No, no." Kien said quickly. "It's a good look for you."

I feel heat rise to my cheeks. I let my hair fall over then, hoping Kian wouldn't notice. A soft hand touched my face, almost making me jump. Kien just smile brushing my hair back behind my ear.

"Don't hide your pretty face Maggie." He said as we stop at the front door. "Don't let anyone tell you anything different."

I hugged him, holding him close not wanting to waste this moment, Kien is the only one who truly understands me, the only one who can see the true me. I rest my head on his shoulder like I do everytime, but this time it was different. I could feel his heartbeat beating fast, but this time my heart was beating at the same pace, keeping perfect time with his.

We stood there, clinging to each other, I wanted to tell him so bad, I was finally able to admit it, I liked Kien.

I pulled away, looking into those light blue eyes having a million words to say, but no way to voice it. How do you tell someone you had known for almost ten years, someone who knew everything about you, even the things you wish he didn't, that you liked him.

"Aw look at the lovebirds." Lucas called causing me to jump away from Kien. "Did you finally get your kiss Kien?"

"Shut up Lucas." Kien growled. "Where's Jacob?"

"Right here." Jacob called racing down the hall, clearly he had woken up late again.

"We need to get you an alarm clock." I laughed as Jacob dropped his bag dramatically, leaning against the wall.

He just shot me a glacé trying to catch his breath, "We ready to go?"

"When ever you are." Lucas said grabbing his bag, while Kien grabbed his bag and mine.

"I'm good."Jacob said leaning down for his bag. "Let's go to London."

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