She's Not Afraid

(WARNING: rated r)
Demi Lovato looked like an average teenage girl. But inside she was everything but. She was bullied. among other things so nobody wanted to be her friend. One day her sister, also her only friend, takes Demi somewhere and it changes her life forever. But everything is not what it seems. What happens when the mysterious Louis Tomlinson enters her life? I guess you'll have to wait and see.

I did change the description because it didn't work with the story, if you were confused.


1. in the beginning...

I hope you all enjoy. The beginning might be a little slow but I promise it will get more exciting. I have it all planned out so I can write faster. This is my first fan fiction so sorry if it's a little rough.

Demi's POV

"Being 17 is never easy" is what my mum always told me. But it was not only when I was 17 that my life "wasn't easy". I can remember when I was 13 and everybody was calling me fat because well I was. But being only 13 I hadn't learned the art of not caring. So as you would guess I starved myself and yada yada yada. No one even noticed. My dad was a total drunk and left when I was 4. Nothing good ever came out of him except for my sister Dani. After he left he moved right on to have another family. A few years ago Dani told her parents that she was gay and they kicked her out. Some how she found us and my mom brought her into the family like she was her own daughter. Of course I didn't like her at first but now we are the best of friends. I guess I should also tell you how my mom was married 2 years after my dad left. Luckily the guy is really great and not a total ass. From there I have my 3 other younger sister, Dacey who is now 13, and Dakota and Dallas who are twins and are now 9. Oh I guess I should also say how I was born and raised in Doncaster, England. So I think now I'm supposed to talk about my feelings and what not so.....I really enjoy singing but I've never actually sang in front of people just in the shower. So I guess that's it for now.

Demi closed the diary her mum had just gotten her for her birthday and put down the pen. Today was Demi's birthday and as usual she was going out dinner and nothing else. But Demi liked it that way.

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