She's Not Afraid

(WARNING: rated r)
Demi Lovato looked like an average teenage girl. But inside she was everything but. She was bullied. among other things so nobody wanted to be her friend. One day her sister, also her only friend, takes Demi somewhere and it changes her life forever. But everything is not what it seems. What happens when the mysterious Louis Tomlinson enters her life? I guess you'll have to wait and see.

I did change the description because it didn't work with the story, if you were confused.


15. Day 1

Demis' POV

I woke up this morning to the sound of singing coming from the bathroom. I guessed Cher had gotten up early to get ready. I sat up and decided I should pick out my outfit for today. I decided on a long sleeve light purple shirt that flows at the bottom. I also picked out black skinny jeans and my knee high high tops. Cher came out of the bath room soon after almost fully ready.

"Mornin'" I said

"Good morning. I'm done in the bathroom if you want to use it." She said.

"Okay thanks!" I turned towards the bathroom and got myself ready. I took a shower making sure to wash myself extra good this morning, went to the bathroom, and brushed my teeth. I dried my hair with the blow dryer and quickly got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom to grab my make up.

"I'm gonna go meet up with an old friend. I'll see you at the studio!" Cher said as she walked out of the room.

I quickly straightened my hair and tied two strands of my hair behind my head with a bow. I applied my usual make-up which wasn't much. A little bit of mascara and eye liner on my lower eye lid. 

I grabbed my bag along with a few of my song books and headed downstairs of some practice. I looked at the clock for the first time this morning. It read 8:30. We didn't need to be at the studio till 10:30 and it only took about 15 minutes to get there. I walked out of the room to go down to the lobby for some breakfast. I closed the door and turned around and BAM! There was a sharp pain in my shoulder and I had dropped all of my books. 

"Oh my god I'm so sorry!" said the boy who ran into me as he leaned down to grab my stuff.

"Oh its fine." I said as I leaned down with him. Wait, I know this boy. It was THE boy. The one I met the day of auditions.He looked up at me with the same look in his eyes that was in mine. 

"HEY! You were the girl who auditioned after me right?" he said 

"Yea!" I said "I uh.... I'm Demi.. Demi Lovato. I said outstretching my hand.

"Louis Tomlinson." He said shaking my hand "I was just heading down to breakfast would you like to join me?" he said handing me my stuff.

"Yea sure!" I said 

We reached the dining area in the lobby and I immediately saw Niall sitting by himself. He looked up and made eye contact with me. I quickly looked away not wanting to talk to him right now. Louis and I grabbed our food and sat down at a table making small talk as we did. As soon as my butt hit the chair I felt a tap on my shoulder. 

"Demi can we talk?" Oh boy I have been dreading this since last night. I knew he would want to talk but not right now. Louis and I were having a great time.

"I'm really sorry Louis. I'll be right back." I said feeling slightly embarrassed I just met this boy and really like talking to him.

"It's all good take your time." He said. I mouthed the words thank you and with that I walked away with Niall.

Louis' POV

"Damn it!" I said under my breath as she walked away. I had been pacing back and forth in front of her door for about 20 minutes before she came out the door and clumsy old me had to run into her. Luck enough she remembered me she agreed to eat with me. I had seen her last night in front of her door when the little fucker tried to kiss her. I mean yea we didn't even know each others names till this morning but she was so pretty. How could I not have a slight crush on her? Okay maybe I had a big crush on her. But I've never met someone like her before And the more I talk to her the more I fall for her. The only thing in between us is Niall. What am I gonna do?


Hellloooooo!!!! Okay so I didn't want this chapter to be like really long so I decided to split it into two parts. The next part should be up before tomorrow SO PLEASE DON'T HATE ME!! The next chapter will be about Demi and Nialls conversation so yaaa. Are my chapters to long or to short? Just curious. Also sorry for the whole description thing in the beginning I just wanted you to have a feel for what Demis' style is. Comment what you think! Thanks for reading this! It means a lot!


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