She's Not Afraid

(WARNING: rated r)
Demi Lovato looked like an average teenage girl. But inside she was everything but. She was bullied. among other things so nobody wanted to be her friend. One day her sister, also her only friend, takes Demi somewhere and it changes her life forever. But everything is not what it seems. What happens when the mysterious Louis Tomlinson enters her life? I guess you'll have to wait and see.

I did change the description because it didn't work with the story, if you were confused.


12. Boot Camp cont.

Demis' Pov

Wow. Me Demetria Lovato just made a friend. This thought kept running around in my head for about 20 or so minutes not even paying attention to what the other people around me were saying. 

Finally I was dragged out of my thoughts by Niall pulling away from the group.

"See you later guys!" He yelled back to them waving a good bye.

:"Wasn't so bad was it?" 

"No it was great!" I said probably a little to enthusiastically. "Sorry I'm new at this."

"New at what?" He asked.

"The whole....friend thing." I said trying to say it as calmly as possible without getting upset.

"Wait seriously. You've never has friends before?" He asked obviously surprised.

"Well, my sister and I are like best friends...does that count?" 

"Yea..I guess." He said trying to sound convincing "I don't understand, you seem so cool and laid back. Why wouldn't you make friends?" I sighed knowing I wasn't going to tell this boy I've just met, my entire life story. But I refused to lie either.

"Girls are just bitches and guys are ass holes." What it was the truth?

"You know not all guys are ass holes." As he said this i could faintly see a blush form on his face, but I was probably just imagining it.

"I'm just not one of those people who allows themselves to be walked all over by other people. So if I speak my mind and most people can't handle that."He stayed silent so I continued talking. "Look you seem like a really nice guy but, you really don't want to be my friend. It never ends well for people." I choked back tears slightly towards the end.

After a few moments of awkward silence he finally spoke up, "Who said we would end?"

I smiled and blushed slightly at his comment. I didn't say anything so he continued."If making friends was easy, they wouldn't call it "making friends" they'd call it talking." Wow this is probably the nicest thing any ones ever said to me....I think.

"Alright friend" I said as I punched his shoulder lightly.

We talked non-stop for the rest of the day.


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