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15. For Taylor

Taylor's POV

It was valentines day today , the day of love i was very happy and excited. i saw couples around kissing and wishing each other.but i hadn't heard from my boyfriend Harry.i was sitting with my friends gossiping and laughing .. some of my friends had got gifts from their boy friends and they were extremely happy.

i was talking to my friend when i got a text from Harry saying :

i'm sorry for not telling you Happy valentine's day , but turn around babe.

i got up and turned around to see Harry holding a dozen roses.

i ran to him and hugged him tightly as he said , " happy valentines day baby."

he said handing me the roses and knelt on one knee , staring in my eyes while taking out a small purple velvet box.

" Taylor , we've been dating since 2 years. i honestly love you and i knew from the day we met that we would be perfect for eachother , will you be my wife and the mother of my children ?"

tears of happiness came into my eyes and i said 

" Yes Yes Yes ! "

i jumped in his arms he slipped the ring on my fingers. he then pressed his lips on mine giving me a sweet and passionate kiss.


the end

hope you like it :)xx 



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