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16. For Sarah

Sarah's POV

i layed in my squishy bed looking up at the ceiling.

“Babe?” i heard Harry call from the living room.

“In here!”i called back.

i heard his footsteps approach the room. i felt him lay down beside me and looked up at the ceiling as well.

“What are we looking at?” he joked. i just half smiled and looked at him. “What’s wrong?” he asked unsatisfied. “Nothing,” i mumbled  quietly. “No, you can tell me,” he said placing my hair behind my ear. i didn’t respond. Harry came to Australia with his band for the tour 4 days ago and he was leaving with his band to continue the tour tonight.

After awhile i blurted out, “What if you forget about me?” He furrowed his eyebrows trying to fathom why i would even think that. “ Sarah That is absurd. I will never ever ever forget about you. You are my everything, my world, my universe. Without you there is no point in living. I hope you know that I will never forget about you,” 

he said looking me deep in the eyes. “But there are so many beautiful, skinny fans on there who would die to have you,” i said.

 “But they don’t. You have me. And you will always have me. I will always be yours, no one elses,” this made me smile.

He sat up. “Come on, what do you say we go watch your favorite movie together before I leave?” he suggested reaching his hand out to me.

The end

hope you like it :) xx

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