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28. For Mimi

we were at one of Liam's signings and a few quick songs, with the other boys and their girlfriends. we were talking to the girls when we have to say, a good looking security guard starting talking to all of us. He was telling us that he had been assigned to keep us safe from the screaming crowd of teenager fans. we had no problem with it, and continued on talking. After a while we wanted to watch the boys sing from where the fans were. The security guard guided us to an allocated area where we were all safe from screaming fans. The security guard stated by me as we were in the end of the row that was set up. Liam kept looking at me and eyeing the security guard as he sung. When the boys finished Liam made his way over to us very quickly and took me away from everyone. I had suspicion he was jealous a little, but didn’t say anything until he was getting changed very quickly. “Li?” “yeh Mimi?” “you’re not umm how do I put this, jealous are you?” i just come out and ask, “haha me jealous, Pfft yeah alright hun” he says which was a clear sign he was. “you know there is no need to be jealous of everyone” I continue on, “I know that, but come on everyone was saying how good looking your security guard was. I mean look at him, he is better looking than me, he had your attention” Liam sighs. “Liam you know he might have had my attention for a whole second because it’s natural but you’re the one that gets to go home with me, and you’re the one that has my attention all the time.” I try to explain. Liam looks at me, “I’m sorry” he says sweetly as he puts his top and and hugs me. “it’s okay Liam” i reply and kiss him sweetly which makes him feel better.

The End

Hope you Like it. x

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