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3. For Liviy

Harry's POV

It is 5fth December today.the most special day of my life. the day I met my lovely girlfriend Liviy.I have a surprise for her and I am really excited to surprise her.


Liviy's POV   3 years back I met a guy who changed my life completely. It is our 3rd anniversary today and we have planned to spend tonight at the place where we met for the first time.

I have no idea what should I wear tonight so I called Darcy , my best friend and asked her to help me.

Darcy selected a knee long pink dress and silver stilettos with a light pink clutch. I curled my red hair and gave a smoky touch to my green eyes. " You are looking so pretty! " . " thank you so much Darcy , all credit goes to you! "


i entered the club.Harry was standing where i saw him 3 years ago.i walked towards him.
"you look beautiful babe" 

"Thankyou baby."

"Will you dance with me?" 

" ofcourse. "

we moved towards the dance floor and started to dance until he stopped me.

"what's wrong?"

"nothing i just wanted to say that .. i..it has been 3 years .. now i can't call you my girlfriend."

" what ?! "my heart tore into two." b...but .." i sluttered to find the right words then i decided it wasn't worth it to cry he wouldn't care.
"Ok.." i harldly uttered and started to walk.
"Liviy .. let me finish!"
"why? so you can tell me why you're leaving me?"
"No!!! So i can ask you to marry me!!"
i was shocked

"this is not exactly how i pictured asking you tonight.but..will you marry me?"
"Yes yes Yes!" i shouted as he knelt down on one knee and pulled a ring out.

he put the glittering ring on my finger and kissed my lips.

                                                        The End :) xx
                                               hope you like it Liviy :)xx


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