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14. For Hannah

A/N : Hannah , since you didn't tell me your fav boy i've written you a Harry imagine.i hope that's ok ?

 Hannah's POV

my head was spinning in so many directions as i parked my car outside the  Airport. i couldn’t wait to see Harry. He’s been on tour for the past 4 months and they finally got a short break to come visit us. i’ve been torn without him. Nothing to do, time to waste, nobody to snuggle with. His plane should’ve arrived 10 minutes ago i calculated on my car’s clock. i decided to just sit in the car and wait. It’s been almost 30 minutes now and Harry still hasn’t come out. Then glancing slightly behind me, i saw a curly-haired boy swarmed by paparazzi. Those are the same curls I fell in love with, i smiled. Without hesitation i jumped out of the car running straight for him. As soon as he saw you he dropped his bags and held out his arms.

“Hannah!” he yelled embracing me. He kissed my lips oh so delicately.

“I’ve been waiting for that for four months you know?” i said kissing him once more.

“Me too, i love you baby. I missed you so much. You don’t even know,” he said hugging me again.  

“I know,” i said helping him with his bags. i packed his luggage into the car and climbed into the front seat.

He turned towards me, “I’m so glad I’m here with you right now baby."

we drove through downtown on our way home.

“Hannah! Can we please go to that ice cream place I love? I’ve missed it so much!” Harry said pointing across the road to his favorite ice cream parlor.

“Of course babe,” i said stopping and parking into the spot right in front of the place. we stepped inside and luckily there was no one there to bother our day by asking Harry for a picture or autograph. we got our favorite ice creams and sat down at a booth.

“Want some?” he asked holding up his spoon full  ice cream. i nodded cheekily. He slid some into my mouth as i licked the spoon dry.

“I love this ice cream!” i said licking my lips. “I love you Hannah.” 


the end

hope you like it! :)xx

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