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2. For Emily

Emily's POV

i was standing on the sidelines, the cool December wind blowing your long dark brown hair. i was dressed in the black and pink cheerleading uniform.. i collided my pom-poms with each other, jumping in place as i was cheering my team.

  “Come on boys!” i shouted, smiling as i saw my boyfriend, number 7.He jogged onto the football field, tapping the other player on the back as he passes him, letting him know that he played well out there.

  Before he took his place in the line-up, he turned around to glance at me. “Come on,Zayn!” i screamed, clapping my pom-poms together twice , i was excited to watch him play.

I've been dating him since last 4 months.I loved him so much.He is my everything.

i  turned my attention back to the game, watching as the final play begins. The ball was passed between a player’s legs to another, who backed up and craned his neck to spot someone who’s open for the pass. Realizing that there is only about twenty-two seconds left in the final quarter, he throws it, a perfect spiral flying through the air. Everybody in the home stands’ eyes follow the ball, praying that someone on the team will catch it . Zayn runs, his arms open and he cached the football. With a small jump.

The crowd goes absolutely wild, as do the cheerleaders, hugging each other in pure exhilaration. i just simply can’t believe it.

and then i saw Zayn running towards me with his arms open.i dropped my pom-poms, i dashed to him as fast as my sneakers allowed  meeting the dark brown haired boy.

"Congratulations Honey , you did it."
i squealed in his ear, watching the bright smile light up his entire face. He looked so proud that it melted my heart. 
"you look so sexy in this cheerleading uniform!"he smirked.

"but not as hot as you." We both laughed.
he came closer and kissed me on the lips , i kissed him back.it was just magical as i always thought it would be.

                                     THE END :) xx
                                    Hope you like it! xx

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