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17. For Crystal

It was our 2 year anniversary as of today and i couldn’t be sadder. Louis was on tour and he seemed to have completely forgotten it was our  special day. I get it, he was busy with everything but he could at least spend just a minute to wish me a happy anniversary. 

i turned on  telly and flipped through the channels. Discovery Channel. No way. Disney Channel. Hell no. Cooking Channel. Eh I’ll pass. Then i came across a random station with a news reporter talking. She was a middle aged women dressed in a neat suit and her hair in a tight bun on the top her head. “Next up…One direction, so stay tuned,” she said before cutting off to a commercial break.  i walked over to kitchen and put a bag of popcorn in the microwave. When it beeped i poured it into a big bowl and walked back over to the couch. The boys’ performance was just getting starting. “Good evening LA!” Harry yelled through the microphone. “We think you all know this one, so feel free to sing along,” Niall said happily. It was What Makes You Beautiful. i watched as the boys pranced around the stage singing flawlessly. i was so proud of my Louis. He was rocking the stage, doing his hip thrusts and flipping his hair. I really was the luckiest girl. He’s the perfect boyfriend, except for the fucking fact he forgot our anniversary, i reminded myself. The song ended and they caught their breaths. “This next song is a special one…” Liam said glancing over to Louis. He nodded. “I wrote this one for my amazing and beautiful girlfriend Crystal It’s our 2 year anniversary today and I wish could be there with her, but instead I’m here. But I still want to let her know…” the camera zoomed in on him, “that I love her and I’ve been thinking about her nonstop. This next song I wrote for you baby” he said smiling into the camera as the crowd erupted in “awww’s” The whole performance i was crying my eyes out at the beautiful song he had written just for me. i grabbed my phone and texted him through your happy tears:

I love it.

the end

hope you like it :)xx

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