1D One Shots.

One Direction One-Shots!
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2. Louis~ for well why not.



I jumped on my skateboard, wheels rolling as I pushed myself forward towards the biggest jump at the skate park, where I had to go up a street jump, fly though the air and make it to the opposite jump and glide down the platform. The front of the board reaching the platform followed by the back. I was heading to the top and I was smiling widely. I lifted off in the air, grabbing the edge of my skateboard in my right hand, doing a 360 spin. I then stuck the landing and gently glided down off the jump, grinning in satisfaction.

Hopping off my board, I stepped on the back edge and watched as I it flew up and landed into my outstretched arm.

“Oh, my god! It’s Louis Tomlinson!” I heard far off in the distance, followed by a group of screams. I shrugged, and walked over to my bag getting a bottle of my needed water.

I then put my board down, hopped on it and gathered some speed to rail side while eating my KitKat for more energy. I jumped onto the rail and slid along the side. Just as I reached the end, I saw a flash of brown hair, and then collided with something hard, yet soft to touch.

“Ouch!” I screamed, my skateboard rolling away. The body landed on top of me, squishing me to the ground. The person jumped up and I noticed a guy about my age, his brown hair the same color as mine, wispy and broad. He had muscular arms covered in tattoos, big biceps and dazzling blue eyes. He was wearing a grey tank top and shorts, covered by a black hoodie.

“Are you alright? I’m so sorry!” The boy said in a rush, grabbing my hand to help me up. As someone who skates, plays football, and loves to watch hockey, I sure had a lot of physical contact with plenty of boys –not in that way- But, for this guy, I felt sparks, I was almost shaking, and my tummy was feeling strange. I blushed a bit, letting my short hair cover my face.

“Yeah, I’m good.” I confirmed looking up to meet his eyes once again. Such a bad decision because his blue eyes got me hooked.

“Where did he go?”

“Where is he?”

“There he is! With that girl!” A young girl pointed at the two of us with a psychotic smile on her face.

“Oh shit…” The boy said trailing off, tending and I could feel him begin to panic.

“Follow me! Quick!” I said, bending down to quickly grab my skateboard in one hand, and then grasping the young boy’s hand in my other. We both ran towards the skate bowl and slid down to the bottom hiding under it.

“He’s gone!” A girl declared.

“No!” Yelled a few others.

“Maybe he went that way.” I heard among all the other comments from teen girls. The voices started to fade away along with the footsteps. The boy I had saved from what seemed to be a troupe of young aggressive girls was breathing deeply, the two of us laying there for a few minutes to make sure.

When the voices were long gone and I couldn’t hear them, I stood up with my skateboard tight in my grasp.

“They’re gone.” I reassured the boy, this time helping him up. He chuckled a bit and flashed me a smile, looking up into my light brown eyes.

“Thank you, love. For helping me. I hate getting mobbed by fans everywhere I go.” He said with a hint of amusement in his voice. “I’m Louis Tomlinson, one of the members of One Direction. I was enjoying your show in secret, before I got spotted.”

“Oh.” I blushed, laughing awkwardly. It felt refreshing to know he was watching me the whole time. “I’m Sabrina, I’m glad you liked it. I didn’t realize I had an audience.” I teased smiling in appreciation.

“So, does Sabrina have any other talents, besides skating?”  He asked out of general curiosity.

“I’ve kicked a few butts in football.” I proudly spoke, getting more comfortable to Louis.

His face looked challenging, he smirked a bit. “Oh really?” He asked almost under appreciating my football skills.

“As matter of fact I am, I’ll have you know my high school football coach begged me to join his team.” I acknowledged proudly. Louis laughed making my blood boil, how dare he make fun of me. Well, he didn’t exactly point at me, but he laughed.

“I’d love to have a match with you, so you can show me your skills.” He suggested taking me off guards.

“Right now?” I asked eagerly.

“Sure, we have to find an empty field though. Or else I’ll get mobbed again.”

“One problem though,” I started, “We don’t have a ball.” I continued.

“Don’t worry about that, I’ve got a ball in my car.” He shrugged carelessly.




After searching out of the skate park for a few minutes, hiding behind bushes from fans in the majority of the time, we found an empty area that had no trees whatsoever.

“Any addition to the extra rules, Tomlinson?” I asked smirking a bit. I was about to kick the cockiness out of this guy’s butt!

“To spice things up…” He started, his smirk as big as mine. “Once one of us reaches three goals, they win. But, the loser has to accept the winner’s offer, whatever it is.” He finished smiling cheekily.

“Deal. You’ll have the ball first.” I kicked the ball his way, he caught it shaking his head.

“No, no. That wouldn’t be fair, you go first.” He sent me the ball and I caught it planning to go first.

I kicked the ball in front of me with no warning, leading it up the improvised field when suddenly, Louis stole it and kicked the game winning one goal.

“Clear shot! Two more to go.” He screamed happily. I sighed angry with myself as I followed the ball trying  to block his way, once I got a hold of the ball, I kicked it away from him and ran faster than him reaching it before it passed the virtual line we  drew. From that point, I scored a goal immediately jumping in happiness.

“Clear shot! Two more to go!” I mimicked him doing a little dance, completely forgetting that we were still playing. Before I could react, Louis already had the ball, in the blink of an eye he scored his second goal.

“What was that, Sabrina? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of sweet loving victory.” He dramatically said as I scoffed shrugging my shoulders.

“Whatever.” I stuck my tongue out.

“Backing down, Sabrina?” Louis chuckled stopping with the ball under his feet.

“Not in a million years!” I screamed running to get the ball, the cheeky man threw the ball up in the air, hit it with his head and sent it straight to score a third goal.

“What!” I screamed in shock. It was so fast! I can’t believe he actually beat me!

My high school football coach begged me to join his team my ass!” Louis burst into laughter pointing accusingly at me.

“Tomlinson, fess up.” I taunted annoyingly, “What’s your offer, or shall I say dare.” I winked teasing him, these few minutes I got to know him showed me what a big tease he is. Obviously, he was going to dare me to do something completely ridiculous.

“Yeah, about that…” He mumbled jogging my way, once he stopped in front of me. He smiled really wide, and started. “Your number.”

Simple words, he just used those two words and succeeded to shock me. I was sure he would just leave and forget about me, he’s a rock star for god’s sake! But no, he wanted to talk to me again.

“For another match, you know, so you can have your revenge.” He added nervously, I smiled.

“Sure.” I replied casually, shrugging the mixed feelings I was suffering from.




*3 Weeks Later*

It’s night, the night before he’s due to leave, and I’m restless and so tired at the same time, content with just observing the way Louis slept as moonlight enhanced his best features, every part of him. But, I realized abruptly that we’re only friends, only buddies.

“Louis!” I said, shaking his bare shoulder. Now don’t get any ideas! We had just rode bicycles with his friend Zayn. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for long because Zayn’s girlfriend was in town, and needed him to take her shopping for some wedding supplies. So Louis and I went back to his hotel room to spend some more times as buddies, and we were both so tired we fell asleep on the couch.

“Yeah?” He moaned sweetly, his eyes opening just enough for me to glimpse into the ocean that is his eyes.

“It’s two in the morning mate, how am I supposed to go back to my flat?” I asked holding his head up so he can hear me clearly.

“Stay the night then.” He mumbled in a perfectly smooth yet still hoarse accent. Yeah, it’s not that big of a deal to stay the night, again. Louis and I got pretty close these past weeks to the point where we always found ourselves sleeping on a different bed.

“I’m not sleepy, Lou.” I whispered sighing. “You’re… going to be gone.” My voice began to quiver as I realized I became too close to him, that being apart seems to mean he’ll forget about me.

“Hey,” Said Louis, sitting up. “It’s okay, we’ll be okay..” He soothed as I felt the empty hole in my heart begin to form. It’s just not easy to be away from someone… like Louis.

“It just won’t be the same without you,” I whispered softly causing Louis to hold me closer to him. “And.. You’re probably going to forget about me by the end of the month.” I admitted my honest thoughts making him gasp, Louis pulled away from the hug and held my face in his hands.

“You don’t see it, do you? I would never forget about you.” He said almost as if he was mad at me for thinking like that. “You know why?” He asked, a hint of a smile appearing on his lips.

“Because I’m good at football?” I asked innocently, sniffing a bit because of the tears I almost spilled.

Louis laughed shaking his head, his eyes seemed to have taken up an almost threatening intensity to them. For a moment, I thought he was angry at me because of my dumb reply, but before I could ponder on it for too long, I was crushed by his hungry lips in a breath-taking kiss. I responded immediately fueled by the burning desire breeding butterflies in my stomach.

If it were not for the demands my lungs were making for air, god knows how long that kiss would have lasted, or how long I wanted it to last…

We break from the kiss breathless and flustered and significantly aroused. I was shocked to say the least, it’s no lie that I’ve grown to like Louis more than  a friend, but I thought he only saw me as his tomboy buddy, and probably thought I was lesbian too.

“Because I really like you, Sabrina.” He finished, a hint of fear in his voice.

For a moment, I just sat there, looking down at his hands that were holding mine and picturing them always together. I imagined the feelings I get with him to last forever.

“I don’t understand…” I mumbled, dumbfounded by everything. I don’t understand how Louis would go for a girl like me instead of those models he meets every day.

“What don’t you understand? I love talking to you, or just sitting in silence with you next to me. You’re the only girl I know who kicks asses in football and skateboarding. Whenever we’re together, it feels so right. It feels like I’m hanging out with my missus not my pal.” He explained giving me a thousand more reasons to fall for him. “Therefore, Sabrina, I honestly would do anything for you to be my girlfriend, anything.” He proposed.

I looked up at him and we held  eyes contact for a while as I thought through everything he s aid.

“The feeling is mutual Lou.” I said quietly, causing a grin to spread across his face. “And I’d love to be your girlfriend.”

His smile was so big that he chuckled a bit; he hugged me so tightly making me laugh. If he thinks he likes me, then I’m pretty sure I like him way more.

“You won’t regret this!” He promised, my heart believing every one of his words.

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