Trapped (Niall Horan)

Lacy and Allison, Ally for short, are two sisters living in London. Lacy, 20, works at the local recording studio where she has to watch her baby sister Ally, 4. What happens when one of the sisters gets kidnapped and only a popstar can save her?


2. TWO

Niall’s POV: I hung up and mentally slapped myself. What did I just do? “Mate what did you just do?” Liam asked sitting down next to me. “I believe he just made a fool of himself.” Louis said sitting down on the opposite couch. “Guys leave him alone.” Zayn said from the kitchen. “If he likes her, he likes her. Don’t be idiots.” “Whoa Zayn. I thought Liam was Daddy Direction, not you.” Harry said chuckling. “Thanks Zayn...” I muttered and got off the couch. I trudged upstairs and sat on my bed. I typed a text to her and locked my phone. I didn’t care what the boys said, I liked her. I really did. Lacy’s POV: I had just put Ally to bed when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I checked it and saw a text from Niall. Sorry about that. Louis was being stupid. Hope you have a nice rest :) –N My heart dropped and I sighed. Of course he didn’t love me. He couldn’t. We only met a few hours ago. I typed away at my phone. It’s okay :) see you tomorrow xx –L I smiled to myself and walked to the living room. I pulled out a pencil and started writing. I had always been good at songwriting, but ever since I started taking music in school I became even better. Sadly I’m too shy to show it to anyone. I wrote in my black notebook and everything blanked out. I woke up on the couch my book on my chest and my pen on the floor. I had done it again. Wrote and fell asleep. I stood up hiding my book under the couch again and walked to my room. Once there, I climbed into the covers and slept until my alarm went off. I sat up rubbing my eyes and was surprised to see Ally already dressed and sitting at the end of the bed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I blinked a few times to make sure what I was seeing was real and not a figment of my imagination. “Ally, you’re awake...” I said staring at her. “Yup, come on Lathy. We gonna be lates.” She said hopping off and running to the living room. I got up and hopped through the shower. I left my hair loose down my back and pulled on the first thing I saw. I applied a small amount of makeup and rushed to Ally. She had everything she needed and I couldn’t believe how easy the day was starting off to be. BamBam was hopping around the front door when Ally picked him up and put him in his palace. I looked around confused that this was a joke, but when Ally waited at the door I realized what time it was. I grabbed my bag and jacket checking for my phone and keys and rushed out of the door tugging Ally along. “Lathy, thlow down...” she whined her small legs struggling to keep up. I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to the office. I was 10 minutes late, but was already punched in. I frowned and looked around, but there was no one insight. When I got to my desk there were flowers and a card placed near the phone. “Pwetty Lathy.” Ally giggled when I sat her down on my chair. “Yeah they are pretty.” I smiled picking up the card. Lacy, Take Ally to Room 1 and proceed to the copy room. I frowned and looked at Ally who just gave me a toothy grin. We walked to Room 1 and the boys where there. All except for Niall. “Hi Ally!” they chorused and she started giggling. She ran into the room with her bunny backpack and sat on Harry’s lap on one of the couches. I looked at them unsure of leaving her, but Liam gave me a reassuring smile. “Go.” They ushered me towards the copy room. I twirled a piece of my hair, a nervous habit, and pushed the door open. It was dark and I was unsure if to actually go all the way inside. A pair of hands grabbed my waist and pulled me inside the door shutting behind me. I was just about to scream when a hand covered my mouth. “Shhh... don’t scream. It’s just me.” I recognized the accent and relaxed. The light flicked on and Niall’s intense blue eyes were twinkling at me. He smiled removing his hand from my mouth. “Jesus Niall. You almost scared the living shit out me.” I gasped my hand on my heart. “Sorry Lace, didn’t mean to scare you.” He chuckled smiling. I glared at him and took a good look at the room. There was flowers everywhere. “Niall, you did all of this?” I asked looking at him surprised. He smiled and blushed slightly before nodding. “Did you punch me in too?” I asked he nodded again. “Thank you Ni..” I said hugging him. “You might just have saved my ass from getting fired.” “It’s no big deal Lace.” He said holding me closer. I smiled my body fitting to him like a puzzle piece. It sounds so clique, but it’s true. He let me go and I stepped back. “You look.. amazing..” he said looking me over. I looked down at the pink flowing top, black skinny jeans and Supras I had hastily put on this morning. “Thank you.” I blushed. “You look great yourself.” “Thanks.” He chuckled and took my hand leading me back to the room. “You look jutht like my bunny!” I heard Ally giggle. I groaned just at the thought of some poor soul having to be compared to BamBam. We walked in and saw Ally and Louis sitting cross legged on the floor. “Do I now?” Louis asked laughing. “Well Lou you have the fluffy hair.” Harry laughed from the couch. “Ouch! Why’d you hit me?” Louis snickered and started tickling Ally. Niall and I was standing there hand in hand smiling at the scene in front of us. Liam and Zayn went out to get coffee and Harry and Louis was left with Ally. I felt sorry for them. She could be a real busy body sometimes. “Lathy! Help!” she yelled looking over at me. Harry and Louis made oooh’s when they saw Niall and I’s hands entwined. I blushed and Niall released my hand. Ally walked up to Niall and glared at him. Niall looked just as confused as I was. “Don’t you huwt my Lathy..” she pointed up at him. He chuckled picking her up. “I won’t, pinky promise.” He said holding out his pinky towards her. She wrapped her tiny little finger around his. I smiled looking at the two of them. No guy has ever been this way with Ally. My previous relationships all came to an end because I didn’t want to drop Ally at an orphanage. She’s my sister, my blood. I couldn’t just leave her like that. “Now I won’t have to beats you up.” She grinned. I groaned shaking my head, but Niall just laughed. “We wouldn’t want our lucky charm bloodied up.” Liam said from the door. Zayn held the coffee and looked pretty annoyed. I offered to take it from him, but he shook his head. “It’s okay, I got it.” He set it down on the table and sat down pulling his phone out of his pocket and typing away at the screen. I heard my name being called. I sighed looking at Ally and Niall. “We have to go..” I mumbled. “I wanna thtay..” she whined. I shook my head no, but Niall had already nudged me out the door. “We’ll look after her. Go. If she needs something I’ll text you. If you need anything text me, yeah?” he rambled leading me to the door. “Thank you guys so much.” I gushed and ran towards the front desk.
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