Living Life After Evil

The war against Voldemort has ended, and now life can finally go back to normal..... or are dark wizards out there spying on us to kill us because we killed Voldemort?!?!? Life might still be normal.........or will it????


2. The Joke

I heard laughter.I knew who it was.Fred and George Weasley.They're the Weasley twins. "YOU LITTLE BUTTFACES!" I wanted to scream out. But I decided to trick them instead. There's hardly ever a time when you can trick the Weasley twins! "Bellatrix!" I whispered harshly. "Back so soon? I thought you said we would meet up tomorrow. You know, to discuss the problem with You-Know-Who!" "WHAT?!?!?" I heard Fred and George scream together. "Tricked you! You little buttfaces!" I laughed and hung up. There! That'll show 'em! I laughed and laughed, imagining their scared, pale faces when they heard me.I decided to call the house phone.Mrs.Weasley or Mr.Weasley would pick up and hand the phone to Ron.Mrs.Weasley would probably pick up the phone because Mr.Weasley would probably be at the Ministry of Magic.I called the Burrow and Mrs.Weasley answered."Hello dear." "Hello Mrs.Weasley.Can I please speak to Ron?" "Of course dear.Wait one second."ROOOOON!!!!" I heard Mrs.Weasley yell."WHAT MUM!?!" I heard someone from upstairs yell."COME HERE ISABELLA NEEDS TO SPEAK TO YOU!!!!" Mrs.Weasley yell back."COMING!" Ron yelled.

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