Living Life After Evil

The war against Voldemort has ended, and now life can finally go back to normal..... or are dark wizards out there spying on us to kill us because we killed Voldemort?!?!? Life might still be normal.........or will it????


1. Getting Together

                                                         Isabella's P.O.V .                                          

       School is finally over after 7 years. I'm so glad I'm out of school because  I can spend more time with my best friends Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, and Ron/Ronald Weasley. Also because I never again have to see Draco Malfoy. Ever. I was so happy when I realized that. Never seeing Draco Malfoy again was on my list of things doing when Hogwarts school of Wichcraft and Wizardy was over. I wonder what Hermoine, Harry, and Ron are doing now.  I bet it was something really fun. I thought about what they could be doing but suddenly, my phone started to ring. I grabbed my phone and looked at it. Harry was calling me. I wondered why. Maybe he just wanted to hang out and celebrate us graduating from Hogwarts. I answerd my phone.

"Hello?" I asked. "Hello." said Harry."Why did you call me?" I asked."Oh ,sorry were you sleeping?!" asked Harry."No.I wasn't sleeping.Why?" I asked."Because I was going to the movies so I thought to invite you,Ron,and Hermione.But my phone is running out of battery,so can you call Ron,and Hermione for me??" asked Harry."Sure." I said."Ok.Thanks. Bye!"said Harry."Bye." I said back.Harry then hung up.I knew it!!! I wonder what movie we're going to see! This is going to be so much fun! I found Ron in my contacts and called him. The phone rang for a while then finally, he picked up. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi  my SWEET!!" Bellatrix Lestrange said as I heard her horrorstruck.

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