Castin' spells.

I was done. I mean, you've had that crushing feeling when the person you like doesn't like you back. That was Ron. I mean, Lavender just took him from reality. I wasn't exactly jelous. I was more angry. Like how could he date... Lavender?!?!


1. Hermione's POV

Lavender is not for you Ron!" I say quietly. "She is just trying to make me jealous. She's always hated me." "Hermione, I really like her." Ron says. "ALL YOU DO IS SNOG HER!!!!" I fire back anger-filled. I storm off to the common room. Honestly he is such a pig. He sees Lavender and runs off with her. I get even more mad.

"Harry, I'm going home this holiday." I say quietly so only he hears me. "What? Why?" He says chocking on his pumpkin juice. "I'm just tired of Ron only having Lavender in his sight. I bet he can't even remember my last name when he's with her!" I say. He nods with his mouth full. "I totally agree Hermione." He says. "I'm going to Ron's house for the holiday. Maybe I can talk to him." I give him a bear hug the run off to the the girls dorm. Ginny waves to me. I sit next to her and we start talking about Snape. Then I start my homework. I look at my paper and become satisfied.


Sorry this is such a short chapter. I just want to see how many views. I got. If you want to be in my story tell me!!

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