I am Julianna, my Friends call me Annastasia or Annie.

Julianna is just a normal 17 year old girl, until her whole world flipped upside down. Things happen that she never expected to. Some good, and some, tragic.


6. Superheroes?!

Kat's POV

Annie and I are sitting at the little oak wood kitchen table she has in her small dining room at the holiday house Annie owns; when Annie brings up the subject of 'superpowers.'

"I mean, do you believe in powers, not like, magic powers or illusions like that 'Dynamo' guy does, but powers like, super powers, like super man does or spider man?" They are Annie's two favourite super Heroes, she always has had a deep love for hero / action / sci-fi movies!

"Um.... I guess... Kinda" I awkwardly reply when Zayn walks into the dining room and sadly, kept the conversation going! (I was hoping he'd end it there because I was beginning to think that Annie actually believed in that crap and I couldn't lie to her about what I believe for any longer!"

"So ladies," He starts "Superheroes, eh?"

"Yup." Annie quickly replies, kissing his cheek before she walked in through the curtains to the kitchen with Zayn following closely behind her.

Zayns POV

Annie and Kat were talking about superheroes very doubtfully, I don't like it. When Annie finds out that she is a superhero, I think she will either be super excited or she will completely flip out!! How do you tell someone that they are superhuman?

"So Annie," I spoke quite quietly, in the hope that no one else hears this conversation

"Yeah Hun?" She whispers back

"On the topic of superheroes..."

"Haha! Don't tell me your going to tell me that you are a superhero or something here!!" She laughs nervously. I grew really anxious.


"HOLY-" I put my finger softly on her lips, stopping her from shouting or cursing.

"I don't know how to say it but, you are too."

"Wait so I'm a superhuman and you are too..?" She seems to be stunned.

"Uh. Yeah." I could feel a huge cloud of fear going right over my head, a fear of her breaking up with me cause she might think I'm crazy!

"OMIGOD ZAYN THATS FREAKING AMAZING!!!! Annie screams all over the house.

"SSSSHHHHH Annie!!! No one else knows about this except for Niall and no one else needs to know for a long time yet!"

"Oh ok"

A/N this is just a chapter that Zayn can finally tell Annie about her powers, it's not super important but it is leading up to more exciting parts coming soon! P.S. I am writing this on my phone and I have no clue what happened to the font size when It got to Zayns POV but bear with while I fix it on my computer ;)

~ Nicole xx ly! xo

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