I am Julianna, my Friends call me Annastasia or Annie.

Julianna is just a normal 17 year old girl, until her whole world flipped upside down. Things happen that she never expected to. Some good, and some, tragic.


4. A dream come true

Annie's POV

This evening is going really well so far, it's perfect! Zayn and I are at the beach, it's almost sundown and we are just chatting, really, holding hands, walking down the shoreline when Zayn turns to face me and asks

"Annie, have you had any other dreams like the one you had last night. When something, somewhere happens but then, you soon find out that it really has happened, in reality, but you never knew before then?"

"Um... No... Why..?" I answer his question growing rather curious of it (the question), what if my dream has happened..? What if England has been blown up by Austrians?

Nah, what am I thinking? That couldn't be true... Could it?

"Well it's just that... Um..." Zayn says nervously.

"Well... Spit it out then!" I say, giggling to myself but still concerned.

So Zayn says, super quickly "Your dream is real, it happened just after I left England. The Austrians came and blew up every building in sight, you and I and your family are lucky to have gotten away!"


"Stop," Zayn puts his finger over my mouth before I swear.

I feel like crying!

Zayns POV

"What about the boys, my nan, your family?" Annie just about gets out of her mouth before she broke down, tears rolling down her cheeks. I feel horrible!

I pull Annie into a hug and whisper

"The boys are safe," then they all came running down the beach from their hotel, about a mile away from here. They all ran straight at us and took one look at Annie's face then joined in with the hug.

Annie's POV

I almost got shoved to the ground by all of the boys who shot round the corner and hugged me tightly. I laughed and hugged them all back.

"Hello love," Liam says "Remember about our world tour? Spain was our third stop, after Ireland and London. So we all stayed in a hotel, except for Mr. Malik here who decided it'd be better if he ran off on us last night to come stay with you! I guess he couldn't resist'"

Zayn blushes and lightly punches Liam's arm.

"So if England is gone, where is Kat?!" I shout, about to cry again. Kat is my best friend, more like my sister! I've known her from her birth (she is a week younger than me.) if she was gone, I don't even know what I'd do!!

Just in that moment, Harry pulled her from behind him, their hands intwined together. She ran toward me and gave me a huge hug!

"Missed you Annie!" She exclaims as she pulls away from the hug.

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