Best friends? Or boyfriends?


1. School :-/

Sofia's POV

"Hey violet who do you think I'm sharing my locker with?"I said "his name is Harry styles" she said while looking at the chart then a tall boy I think around 15 or 16 my age with curly locks and grass green eyes came with headphones on and he was singing along to roar and watching the music video while singing he noticed me and introduced himself casually he told me his name was Harry styles wait I sharing a locker with this guy? This is gonna be some year

Harry's POV

Louis and I walked to school together we both listened to the radio roar came on and we walked in to school turns out there's a new girl at school I wonder if she's nice or do we have to share lockers? I have so many questions I used my fingers to brush my hair back and when I got to my locker I saw a girl who had long wavy dark brown hair I guess she heard me singing but her eyes were a beautiful shade of brown and had a red and orange bag with her I introduced my self and all I know for know is her name is Sofia

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