Best friends? Or boyfriends?


5. problems

Harry's POV

Oh god, I just dropped mashed potatoes on Sofia oh she's gonna be mad but instead she smiled (because it landed on her shirt) and threw some at me but at my face "FOOD FIIGHT" someone yelled and from then on it was full on flame war. But eventually we got busted and had to go to class last period :( math :(!!! ):

Liam's POV

I'm so happy to have reunited with Sofia I missed her so much I tried calling her and today she told me she changed her number and she gave me her new one I'm riding to her house on my bike I think I might have a little crush on her :))

Nobody's POV

Liam was smoothly riding his bike to Sofia's house but his mind was elsewhere so he ran into a pole and rolled on to the grass, unconscious lucky for him, Kate was there an she dialed 911

Sofia's POV

Where's Liam? He said he wou- my phone is ringing its Liam "uhh hello?" " hi are you Sofia?" "Uhh yeah?" "Liam has been hurt he told us to call you as soon as we could we are in central hospital in room 107 if he is in pain or wakes up call a nurse or ask for Dr.tesla see you here" he hung up.OMG LIAM!! I ran to the hospital as fast as my legs could carry me and when I got there I went to room 107 and saw Liam "OMG are you ok?? Like when they called me I was scared to death so what happened?? So and Li- he put his finger over my mouth to shut me up " ok look I was riding my bike to your house and I only remember running into a pole" I then noticed his bandaged arm and head . Then we heard 3 knocks on the door, and he came in "Harry?" I squealed

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