Best friends? Or boyfriends?


4. lunchtime!!

Harry's POV

Whoa, I really need to get to know Sofia, I want to be friends or maybe something more I hope she feels the same way.oh and there's Louis "hi hazza" "hey " I tell him about Sofia and he also wants to get to know her now. Ohhh boy "dingdingding!!!!!" Ok time for lunch! But wait, why is Liam with Sofia?

Sofia's POV

After I introduced myself to Liam I felt something grow inside me " wait, are you Liam Payne?" "Uhhhh ya" "OMG LIAM!!!!" "Whaaaaat r u ok??" "You dumb dumb!!! We used to be best friends before I had to move to Madrid! I came back!!" "OH MY GOD SOFIA!!!!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!! WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT ALOT OF STUFF!!!!" He yelled back. I hugged him with excitement " you wanna come over after school?" "Ya if love to, same address??" Ya ". "Dingdingding!!!" It's time for lunch "see ya Li Li"

Nobody's POV

Sofia walked into the cafeteria with violet and Liam and they sat at a table together a boy named josh also joined them. Harry walked in and saw them sitting together and rolled his eyes he got his lunch which was 2 spoons of mashed potato his mind was elsewhere so he tripped on a ledge and his food landed all over a girl who looked vaguely familiar..

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