Long time, No see

Warning: strong language.
Maya Jenny Jones, ran away when she was 5. No one knows why! Now she's 18 she's back! Changed her name to Electra Unique Jones, got a stay strong tattoo and she is just another puzzle to be solved in the town of Doncaster.
Louis Tomlinson ;D


1. Why did you go?

Why did you go?

"Yes, I'm Maya Jones." I spoke quietly to the nurse, my leg is so messed up! I fell over and slit my shin open (I was wearing shorts it was summer)." Well m'am we haven't had a appointment from you or your uncle!" She wouldn't look at me what so ever," well I've only just come back from Scotland, and you expect me to go home THEN come here!" I was building up with fury and my mascara had already stained my red cheeks." Well... Your shin is a mess so I will get the doctor ASAP, please take a seat in that waiting room please?" She pointed at the room with a few people there. I limped over there, sat in a seat and waited for my name to be called.

As I was doing so, I saw a familiar face come through the room with a older man and a young baby. They ended up sitting behind me,"Miss Maya Jones?" A deep voice pounded out the speakers. Gasping and whispering came across the room like a tidal wave as I stood and limped out, I fell to my knees. I couldn't walk! That person who I thought I knew came over to me, he actually helped me to room 7 "thanks!" I looked him in the eye as he carefully wiped the stained mascara from my cheek," if you don't remember me I'm Louis! Nice to see you again Maya!"

"Hey! And by the way I'm called Electra!" I smiled as he opened the door and walked down the corridor. I entered the room to see Dr. McNall sat there waiting for me, he actually was the one to deliver me from my mum before she died along side my dad.

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